Gisele Bundchen Didn't Always Look Like This

by Jessica Willingham

When I say Gisele Bundchen, I'm sure you think of the gorgeous, goofy Brazilian model and actress that we all know and love. But as amazing and successful as she has become, the world's highest paid model hasn't always looked as glam and fabulous as she does now. I mean, the woman began her career at 14, so we have decades of documented moments, from her fresh-faced, babyface moments to her Leo DiCaprio days. When you look at these 17 photos of Gisele Bundchen that look nothing like Gisele Bundchen, your jaw is going to drop. Trust me.

From feathered Farrah Fawcett hair to ‘90s spaghetti strap black dresses, Bundchen has had some serious style moments. Aside from the red carpet, there’s also the hundreds (thousands?!) of runway shows she’s been styled and dressed for, meaning there are some super eccentric and unexpected looks in her style lineup.

Thanks to #tbt posts from her personal Instagram and hundreds of paparazzi snaps, I found some looks that actually look nothing like the Gisele we fawn over today. Some are unusual, some are downright weird, and some are gorgeous. Decades of wigs, makeup, clothes, and enduring and thriving in the fashion industry on a global scale has allowed Gisele to become a complete style chameleon. I assume that’s what makes her an amazing model and muse to high-end fashion houses across the world. Go figure.

Here are 17 times Gisele did not look like Gisele.

1. Fresh Face

Evan Agostini/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Casual Cali girl look here, and I don't hate it.

2. Wigged Out

A little Cruella de Vil looking, don't you think?

3. Babe

Aw, the really early years.

4. Teen Years

Can you believe she was only 14 and looked this gorgeous? Oh, yeah, of course you can.

5. Youngin'

Another snap from the early days of her career. She was channeling Farrah Fawcett, clearly.

6. Sex Kitten

She's usually posing like the goofball she is, so this is different...

7. Twinning

Did you know that Gisele was a twin? Can you imagine growing up with such a gorgeous sister(s)?

8. Childhood Star

I bet she doesn't have a bad picture in the family album.

9. Like It's 1999

The '90s looked good on her, for sure.

10. Model Stare

Ooooh, so intense! She's a natural.

11. 2013

This year, she was really in to wigs, apparently.

12. Beach Body

Lookin' extra bronze there, Gisele. Maybe someone went a little heavy handed with the spray tan gun.

13. Bad Hair


I know this look was for a show and not of her own volition, but seriously — what is the deal with that hair?

14. Bangin'


When Gisele sported bangs, she made them trendy.

15. The Leonardo Years

Peter Kramer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Remember when Gisele dated Leo? Good times.

16. More Awkward Bangs...


Sans smile and her signature wild blonde hair, she is truly unrecognizable.

17. Costume Party

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yes, those are buttons all over her gown. Buttons.