Little Mix Preview “Hair” & It Sounds Like An Empowering Breakup Anthem — LISTEN

I hope you're ready, Mixers: A new Little Mix song called "Hair" arrives on Friday. The U.K. pop act shared a preview of the track — which will appear on their upcoming album, Get Weird (due out Nov. 6) — on Tuesday morning. In the brief video clip, the band's four members are shown blowdrying their respective manes (and just generally goofing around) in a hotel room while the up-tempo tune plays in the background. A video the group posted on YouTube all the way back in March seems to suggest that "Hair's" chorus is built around the line, "Gotta get him out my hair!" Hmm, is it just me, or does "Hair" sound like it could be exactly the kind of empowering breakup anthem Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards needs right now?

In case you missed it: Former One Direction star Zayn Malik called off his engagement with Edwards near the end of July. According to People, Edwards burst into tears during a performance of Little Mix's emotional new ballad, "The End," in New York last week. (Of course, I can't say for certain that the two events are related, but I think it's a pretty safe bet.) The 22-year-old artist was reportedly attempting to sing the following lyrics:

And I won't be missing, missing you

And no one can love you, the way I used to do

But love isn't fair (Love isn't fair)

And I swear (This time I swear)

That this time

This is the end

I doubt "Hair" was written about Edwards' split from Malik (after all, the aforementioned YouTube snippet of the song was uploaded in March), but, much like "The End," its lyrics apply to her current situation. It seems as though the feel-good track came along at just the right time! Who doesn't look to music for comfort and inspiration after a breakup? Check out two previews of "Hair" below.

Little Mix on YouTube

Perhaps performing "Hair" will give Edwards the boost she needs to bounce back and move on. Stay tuned for more details on Get Weird.