10 Exceptional Jorge Ramos Quotes That Prove We Need To Listen To What This Journalist Is Saying


On Tuesday, Jorge Ramos, an anchor and reporter for Univision, asked Donald Trump tough questions about his immigration policy — but not before being escorted out of the press conference by security. Ramos was removed from the event in Iowa after he tried to ask Trump a question out of turn. He was later invited back in and was able to ask his questions, but the earlier drama didn't go unnoticed. Trump might not want to hear what he has to say, but these awesome quotes from Ramos should make him think again before discounting the journalist.

Ramos is considered one of the most influential Hispanic journalists, and immigration is an issue he's clearly passionate about. Born in Mexico City, he came to the United States as a student — and immigrant — in his 20s. Since then, he has skyrocketed in success and popularity. In 2010, Pew Research Center found Ramos to be the second-most-recognizable Hispanic leader in the country, and Time named him to their list of 100 Most Influential People in 2015. He speaks out against Trump often. Trump has fired back, but that hasn't stopped Ramos from pushing the candidate on the tough questions that matter to him, particularly when it comes to immigration. He often speaks from his personal experiences, ranging from his thoughts on immigration to his standards of ethical journalism.

On Immigration

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On Freedom

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On Journalism


On Asking Tough Questions

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On The Latino Community


Ramos has become a champion for the Latino community and an advocate for holding politicians accountable for their beliefs. It's no wonder Trump has a problem with him. Still, it's good to know that not even Trump can silence a prominent figure like Ramos.