9 Ways to Wear a Winter Scarf, Courtesy of Instagram

I love looking at Instagram snaps of adorable girls in their winter scarfs. Not in a creepy way, just in a "Hey girl, I like your style" way, said in a low voice from the back of the closet. What?! Scarves make everyone look better. They frame faces, accentuate rosy cheeks, and imply that somewhere, sometime, there will be softly-falling snow.

Image: @shoppattern2013/Instagram

Go monochrome

Your scarf doesn’t have to contrast with the rest of your outfit. White lace + a pale pink knit is winter wear at its most ethereal.

Image: @icaaarleee/Instagram

Wear a huge scarf in lieu of a coat

If it’s not that cold outside, skip the jacket and opt for a giant knit scarf that covers your shoulders.

Image: @littlebirdlee/Instagram

Wear it like an oversized tie

Scarves don’t have to be all about the neck, especially ones in thinner fabrics. Knot them low on your chest like this; it’s a necklace-tie hybrid made of softness.

Image: @mrshawkins2013/Instagram

Or put one in your hair

Heads get cold, too! Oversized earrings are an obvious requirement.

Image: @mztee_mari/Instagram

Tuck a preppy scarf under a preppier vest

Tell people it’s an ascot.

Image: @thewhimsicalprep/Instagram

Wear it totally loose, like a bro

Bros don’t need to wrap scarves around their necks. They leave them long and hanging, a subtle reminder of their relationships (that was mean of me).

Image: @jino_khidhr/Instagram

Tie it in a knot, tie it in a bow

An especially useful technique for those whose ears hang low.

Image: @shoppattern2013/Instagram

Do it in faux fur

Recommended for your hot date with Bear Grylls.

Image: @outofthepastclothing/Instagram

Use to protect your complexion

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Image: @christinedunskii/Instagram