6 Jorge Ramos Remarks About Donald Trump That Prove He's Hardly A Fan Of The Donald

Even before he was removed from a press conference on Tuesday, a lot of the things that journalist Jorge Ramos has said about Donald Trump haven't been exactly flattering. It should come as no surprise. Ramos, an anchor for Univision, is outspoken and passionate about comprehensive immigration reform. And Trump's plans for reform don't even begin to match with his.

The hostility between the two has been building for a while. Trump has not been garnering favor with Latino voters, partially thanks to his comments alleging that many immigrants are "rapists" and "drug dealers." When Ramos asked Trump for an interview, Trump posted the letter to Instagram, revealing Ramos' personal cellphone number in the process. And lest we forget, Trump currently has a $500 million lawsuit pending against Univision, due to the channel's decision to not air the Miss American beauty pageant — a direct response to Trump's comments.

Ramos has also been pretty harsh about both Trump's immigration plan and his campaign in general. So it's not surprising that the two verbally sparred during the press conference on Tuesday. Ramos was removed from the room after attempting to ask questions without being called on. However, Ramos was later allowed back in, and Trump took several of his questions. The two grappled on Trump's deportation strategy, his wall-building plan, and his treatment of Latino voters.

Before Ramos was removed from the room, Trump told him to "Go back to Univision." While grating, it was the worst jab he got in at Ramos — which, considering Trump's track record, actually isn't too bad. It looks like Ramos is winning this round. Let's take a look at some of Ramos' best Trump quotes.

On Trump's Promises

What he's trying to sell to the American people just won't work. Everything Trump is trying to sell is false.

On His Immigration Reform Policy

Here's the problem with your immigration plan: It's full of empty promises.
Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

On Trump's Deportation Methods

How will he deport 11 million people? By bus? By plane? Will he bring the army to remove them? Can you imagine the human rights problems this will cause?

On The Issue Of "Anchor Babies"

It seems like he wants to get into the business of deporting babies.

On Trump's Character

He is with no question the loudest voice of intolerance, hatred, and division in the United States.

On Trump's Dedication To Immigration Reform

I think it's very important that he's talking about immigration, but he's saying all the wrong things.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

No Tweets from Trump yet on whether he and Ramos are now archenemies. But it's safe to guess that Ramos may position himself to be one of the most visible opponents of Trump's candidacy. After the press conference disaster, Isaac Lee, CEO of Fusion, said that he would love for Trump to sit down with Ramos to discuss his plan further. I'll be waiting eagerly with popcorn in hand.