Taylor Swift Gives Calvin Harris A Sweet Shout-out On Stage & It Will Make Any Tayvin Fan Squeal With Delight — VIDEO

We have already seen Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris embody #relationshipgoals in the form of adorable Instagram snaps and front row award show snuggles. In the six months they have been dating, we have even seen Harris get approval from Swift's cats — no small feat. But now, it seems like the happy couple has taken another big step in their relationship. Taylor Swift mouthed "I love you" to Calvin Harris during the finale of her concert in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

The lip motion seen 'round the world was shared by a fan who was at the show through a video posted on Tumblr. The video shows the pop star waving to her fans after her performance of "Shake It Off" was complete and curtsying on stage. The 25-year-old then mouths those three little words that mean so much. It is worth mentioning that it has not officially been confirmed that the words were for her Scottish DJ beau. Maybe one of her other friends or a family member was in attendance, and she was mouthing the words to them. But the thing is, Harris was at the end of the runway for her show, which is exactly where she looked while she said "I love you." Additionally, Swift herself "liked" the video posted to Tumblr, which has the caption, "TAYLOR SAID I LOVE YOU TO CALVIN HARRIS AT THE END OF THE SHOW." If not a direct confirmation about who those words for meant for, liking it at least heavily hints that it is true.

If Swift and Harris are indeed at the "I love you" phase, it is a great sign for their relationship that Swift feels comfortable enough to declare her feelings in such a public sphere. You can't get much more exposure to people than you do when performing on stage in the Staples Center! Of course, if she felt secure enough to say it at her concert, it is very likely that this is not the first time the two have exchanged those meaningful words. How cute to imagine them having their sweet moment in private long before sharing it with the rest of the world!

And honestly, it is not surprising. The two have virtually been attached at the hip for the last several months. They spend so much time together, even with Swift on an international tour to promote her latest album. And when they are separated by distance, according to E! News, they do not hesitate to make travel plans to see each other as soon as possible. Things are clearly going well for these two, and it'll be exciting to see any more cute Instagrams and videos to come.