Bryce Williams' Twitter Account, aka The Virginia Shooting Suspect, Is Posting Videos Of The Shooting Right Now — REPORT

Hours after the horrifying on-air murders, authorities identified the man who allegedly shot and killed two WDBJ7 reporters as Vester Flanagan. Flanagan was known on Twitter and at the news station as Bryce Williams. Then, in a disturbing turn of events, Williams' Twitter account posted videos of the shooting after he fled the scene. The account has since been suspended, but according to screenshots, it included angry tweets about how Adam Ward, one of the victims, reported Flanagan to human resources, and questioned why Alison Parker was hired. Flanagan shot himself Wednesday morning, hours after allegedly shooting three people and killing two, just before being captured by police.

In the graphic videos, the camera approaches Ward and Parker as they're filming the newscast. The person holding the camera, who is assumed to be Flanagan, whispers "bitch" as he points a gun at Parker. In the next video, the camera shows Ward and Parker. The camera person fires at Parker and she runs away.

Flanagan's Tweets as Bryce Williams included, "I filmed the shooting see Facebook," "Adam went to hr on me after only working with me one time!!," "EEOC report filed," and photos of himself. The Tweets openly criticize both Ward and Parker, suggesting that Flanagan deliberately targeted them.

According to a WDBJ7 newscast at noon on Wednesday morning, Flanagan is in "extremely critical condition" after shooting himself.

Flanagan also posted the video of the shooting to Bryce Williams' Facebook page, which has also been suspended, according to the Hill.

Since the shooting, ABC News also received a 23-page fax from someone claiming to be Bryce Williams. The news station tweeted that it turned the documents over to law enforcement. ABC did not specify exactly what the documents contained.

In one of the tweets on Williams' account, he said that Parker made racist comments. Jeff Marks, WDBJ7's general manager, said that Flanagan's allegations against Parker were investigated and could not be substantiated. Marks told ABC News that Flanagan, who was hired in 2012 as a general assignment and multimedia reporter, was dismissed two years ago. He said Flanagan was "an unhappy man" and that he was fired after he "quickly became known for a reputation for being difficult to work with."

Marks told ABC that Flanagan was "looking out for people to say things that he would take offense too." Marks said Flanagan's anger eventually led to his dismissal, according to Vice:

Eventually, after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him. And he didn't take that well. We had to call the police to escort him from the building.

According to tweets from Matthew Keys, the managing editor at Grasswire and a former Reuters social media editor, Flanagan also alleged racism during a job at NBC News Channel 40.

WDBJ7 has refused to show Flanagan's footage of the shooting, and many social media users have requested that no one watch or share the footage, out of respect for Parker and Ward.

Image:Flickr/Acid Pix; Bryce Williams/Twitter