Proof Kim Zolciak's House Is The 'Real Housewives' Version Of 'Downton Abbey'

Most people would love to have the chance to design themselves a dream house, and a certain former Real Housewives of Atlanta star really went for it. Kim Zolciak-Biermann's house, featured on Don't Be Tardy , her spinoff series, is not only the perfect place for her, but one of the best Real Housewives homes ever. It's huge for her big family, it has rooms for any activity you could possibly imagine, it's designed for maximum relaxation, and it's a little bit tacky... it really is everything Kim could have possibly wanted. Most importantly, she and her family seem very happy there. I'm sure this house could stay in the Zolciak-Biermann family for generations, if they so choose, passing it on for generations of Bravo and Atlanta royalty.

Kim's mansion may be a brand new remodel with modern touches, but it feels like a lot of the design was meant to resemble a historical mansion. It's almost like Atlanta's version of Downton Abbey. Of course, it's less fancy and mannered, but Atlanta is way more relaxed than England at the turn of the century. Still, there are so many similarities between the relationships of the Crawley family with Downton and the Biermanns with their Atlanta home, the comparison feels appropriate.

1. The Place Is Enormous

The aerial view of the Biermann estate makes it look like a compound that could easily fit three Biermann-sized families.

2. There's Always A Rotating Cast Of Support Staff

Kim's assistants, nannies, cooks (their Season 4 cook is pictured here hanging out with Ariana), and other helpers basically wind up joining the family. But that's because Kim and the rest of her family readily admit that they can be a huge mess. Rather than being raised from birth to have help like on Downton Abbey, Kim and her family love to bring people into their craziness both as employees and friends.

3. Cute Babies!

For a while there, it seemed like there would be a newborn for each season of Don't Be Tardy, but Kim and Kroy decided not to have any more kids. Unfortunately, the same thing wound up happening to the Crawleys, more or less — the amount of cute baby shots have gone way down since Season 3.

4. The Daughters Love Drama

Brielle in particular never turns down a moment for a dramatic sigh, which is like her version of Lady Mary's repressed reactions. Also, doesn't the black and white of this picture almost make Brielle and Ariana look like they could belong in the post-Edwardian period?

5. There's Plenty Of Lounging

Young KJ is mournfully looking offscreen better than some disaffected British heirs 10 times his age. And the family of Downton doesn't even have an infinity pool to relax in!

6. Cars Are A Source Of Stress

Now, Brielle's potential car crash in the family driveway is thankfully a far stretch from Cousin Matthew's untimely end. But both families have understandable trust issues about getting the newest automobile.

7. They're Surrounded By Green

Of course, Downton isn't surrounded by a suburban golf course, but the idea is the same. A large home, filled with family and those closest to them, is almost cut off from the outside world because of their drama and the greenery around them. Kim's mansion may not immediately make you think of Downton Abbey, but if you imagine that the Biermann family are like Atlantean nobility, the similarities between their residences become apparent.

Images: Charles Sykes/Bravo