6 Reasons Nicki Minaj Performing At The 2015 VMAs Will Have Fans Talking For Years To Come

With less than one week to go, the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards performers list has mostly been revealed. While we can look forward to amazing performances from artists like Demi Lovato, Pharrell and the Weeknd, one name only recently joined the list: Nicki Minaj. In fact, Nicki Minaj will open the 2015 VMAs with a show-stopping performance that the world needs to see, and I can't wait. Minaj is one of the most influential artists of the moment. She's collaborated with countless other superstars, created a viral sensation with her "Anaconda" video and single art, and can always be counted on to push the envelope. In short, she's an entertainer, through and through, and a hard-working one at that.

While the list of performers is definitely amazing and will make for an incredible show, Minaj will elevate it with her signature creativity. Let's not forget that she opened the 2014 MTV VMAs with an epic medley that included Ariana Grande and Jessie J. Minaj knows fierce, and fierce is always in style at the VMAs. Still not convinced? Here are seven reasons why Minaj's performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards will be the best part of the whole show.

1. Her 2014 MTV VMAs Performance Was Incredible

"Anaconda" is definitely among her biggest performances ever.

2. She's Been Driving A Lot Of The Music Conversation

From her lyrics to her iconic music videos, Minaj always has fans talking.

3. This Has Been Her Biggest Year Yet

You know, she just broke a Vevo record with "Anaconda."NBD.

4. Her 2010 Pre-Show Performance Was Pretty Great, Too

JoJo Luv on YouTube

Let's not forget when she performed with will.i.am.

5. She'll Probably Have An Amazing Guest Performer With Her

Minaj has performed with a lot of superstars and this performance could follow the trend. Drake? Please?

6. It'll Definitely Be A Little Peek At The Pinkprint Tour

The Pinkprint Tour is getting rave reviews, and her VMAs performance could give fans who've yet to see Nicki in all her glory a glimpse at the full show.

Minaj has had an absolutely incredible year, and she's always been an incredible performer. Having her open the VMAs is pretty much like Christmas come early for her fans, but, even if you're somehow not a fan of the pop star, you can expect to be entertained, to be awed, and to be talking about this performance for years to come. That's just the very least of what we can expect from the queen Barbie.

Editor's Note: This article originally reported that Nicki Minaj's performance at the 2015 VMAs was unconfirmed. It has been updated to reflect the fact that she will be opening for the ceremony.

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