Amazon May Soon Deliver Alcohol To Your Door In Under An Hour, Eliminating The Dreaded Late-Party Booze Run

Living in Seattle must be a mixed bag right about now. Sure, an earthquake may destroy your city any day now — but, on the bright side, Amazon can deliver booze to your door in under an hour now! The pilot program, part of Amazon's Prime Now service, includes hard liquor like rum and vodka, and allows deliveries of one hour or less for $7.99 or in 2 hours or less for free (plus the $99 a year for Prime membership, which comes with a bunch of other benefits and services). Right now, the booze delivery is annoyingly only available as an option in Seattle and London, but if it's successful it may expand to other Prime Now cities such as Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, and New York. (We're counting on you, Pacific Northwest! Drink away!)

The enterprising folks at GeekWire tested out the service, and ended up getting alcohol delivered in 34 minutes through the Amazon Prime Now app. Even better, the prices were very much the same as what you would get at a local liquor store. They wrote:

We double-checked, and Amazon Prime Now’s price for a 750ml bottle of Absolute Vodka, including state taxes, was almost exactly the same as the price of the same bottle at the neighborhood liquor store. Delivery through Prime Now, available only to Amazon Prime members, runs $7.99 for one hour and is free for two hours.


Of course, I am clearly ignoring the downsides of this: The delivery service only works between 8 a.m. and midnight (but hey, that's what your bodega is for, right? I mean, for those of us who live in places where people talk about "bodegas"). And, of course, more importantly, it might hurt small mom-and-pop stores and services. If you care about that, consider instead an app like Drizly or Minibar, both of which actually partner with local liquor stores to bring alcohol to your door.

Also, by the way, in case any kids are reading this and think this app is a good way to get booze while underage: As is the case with all Amazon alcohol sales, you'll be carded upon delivery.

Alcohol laws vary state-by-state, so Amazon might not be able to expand the service nationwide. But an Amazon spokesperson did offer some hope: "We will continue to learn from customers and if they love the offering of alcohol in the Prime Now service, we will look to continue to expand the offering in other locations," they told GeekWire. Party on!

Images: Daisy Daisy/Fotolia; Giphy