Kim Zolciak's Kids Are Just Getting Older & Cuter

Many families have been featured on the various Real Housewives franchises over the years, but the cutest kids have to belong to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Between Phaedra's two sons, NeNe's grandbaby, and Kim's children, there was never a shortage of cute kids in Atlanta. Back in 2012, it felt like every week there was news that Kim had had another baby — but how old are Kim Zolciak Biermann's kids now? They're still young, but in just a few years, those cherub-cheeked little babies have already started to grow up.

Kim also has two daughters who have grown up for real, after seeing them as kids on the early seasons of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Over the course of Kim's relationship with Kroy Biermann, they've had four more children, all still under the age of 5. But Kim and Kroy have been documenting their kids growing up on TV and on Instagram, and it's funny to see how quickly these kids have changed. Back in the first season of Don't Be Tardy, it was hard to keep all of the kids straight. If Kim didn't dress her twins in customized outfits, they would have been impossible to tell apart. But now, all of the younger Biermanns have started to develop their distinct personalities.

Brielle, 18

Brielle, trust me when I say I mean this in a very good way: as you get older, you are becoming your mom. I'm pretty jealous, actually — Brielle has that Kim quality that somehow lets her get whatever she wants, even if it makes no sense, while always being totally likable. And now she's a high school grad.

Ariana, 16

Ariana, who started RHOA as a kid, is now a high school student. Maybe now that Brielle is going to college, Ariana will be able to come out of her shell a little bit more on Don't Be Tardy.

KJ, 4

According to this little Instagram video, Kim and Kroy's oldest son, Kroy Jr., is practically an adult at this point. This kid, who started his reality TV career before he was even born, is already cussing on social media!

Kash Kade, 3

The controversy about Kim stealing Kandi's name was messed up. Kim, you broke some friend code there. But I hope they're both able to happily use it, because the name Kash is perfect for this kid, who just celebrated his third birthday a few days ago.

Kaia, Almost 2

The twins were literally just born one season ago! Where has all the time gone? Well, if there's one small comfort in the march of time, it's that Kaia is turning into a tiny diva, just like her older sisters, her mom, and everyone else from RHOA.

Kane, Almost 2

Technically, Kane is the baby of the family (by a few minutes), but already, even before turning 2, he's as much of a daredevil as his older brothers and sisters, as evidenced by his latest battle wound, documented by Kim.

All six of Kim Zolciak-Biermann's kids are growing up and becoming tiny versions of their parents, from their nearly identical looks to their strong personalities. And every season on Don't Be Tardy, fans are seeing much more than Kim's wacky post-Housewives adventures. It's a way to watch her adorable family grow.