Andy Grammer's Top 5 Date Spots

You know his voice from his hit songs like "Keep Your Head Up," and "Fine By Me," and now Andy Grammer will appear in Season 21 of Dancing With the Stars , showing off his moves on the dance floor and letting his vocal chords have a much needed break. While the man is clearly an expert at crooning, and soon to be an expert on ballroom dancing, there's one other talent the 31-year-old Los Angeles native possesses: dating. Sure, he knows how to croon a sexy tune, and he's been married to wife Aijia Lise since 2012, but there are a few spots he'll always take his beloved for the perfect date.

"My favorite dates are always something that keep me interested, and are usually creative," Grammer says, with one omission: "If you're with the right person none of this matters, and the DMV is an amazing outing." So take his word for it. Here are Andy Grammer's top five date spots, because dinner and a movie can get pretty boring pretty fast. And while it didn't make his list, I'm sure an outing to an Andy Grammer concert would also get the crooner's stamp of approval.

1. Improv Comedy Show

"This is a win win," the LA native says. "If it's amazing it's amazing, and if it's terrible we get to laugh about it together. In LA there are tons of these and usually one every night of the week. Funny is always good for dates."

2. Singer/Songwriter Style Show

"Nothing quite opens you up like an acoustic guitar or a piano and some great songs," he argues. "I like to just show up to places I trust, like The Hotel Cafe in LA, and you are rarely upset that you came."

3. Swap Meet

For the uninitiated, a swap meet is sort of like a flea market where anything goes. Locals trade and swap their used items, homemade goods and art pieces. "Trolling through other peoples' leftovers mixed with cool art and random thrift store-like finds is surprisingly a great time," the singer promises.

4. Phone Dinner Vacations

Say, whaaaat? "This is actually really hard," Grammer says. "You both agree to turn off your phone for two hours. I know it makes you panic even thinking about it, but it can turn a Burger King date into something where you actually connect."

5. Trampoline Park

"Rolling out to a trampoline park is amazing," he says. "It's hard not to feel like a five-year-old at one of these [places], and it makes for an amazing time."

Images: Tumblr