Beyoncé Took Over the Internet Last Night

If you happened to be living on some deserted island for most of last night, you might not be aware: Beyoncé released a new album on iTunes last night. Yes, a whole album — 14 songs, and a whopping 17 music videos, all without any sort of pre-promotion or even a hint that she had been working on any new material during her recent tour this year. The project, which is self-titled, was just quietly released on iTunes, with one Instagram post from Queen Bey herself to announce it.

Did Bey just change the music industry? This is the best Christmas present ever.

Of course, the entire Internet freaked out as news of the album spread — Twitter just about had a meltdown, and don't even ask about Tumblr.

Per Bey's Instagram post, the self-titled album is described as a "visual album" — hence why there are a total of 17 music videos being released at once, as opposed to just releasing one for a new single. Both the videos and tracks feature appearances from Bey's husband Jay Z, as well as Drake and Frank Ocean.

You can check out Bey's Instagram post announcing the album below, and then head on over to iTunes to check out the full album. The catch is that the tracks and videos aren't available for individual download until Dec. 20, but that shouldn't matter — what are you doing with your life if you only want to download one song off of a genius new Beyoncé album?