Laverne Cox Embraces Old Hollywood For 'Yahoo Style,' And It's Absolutely Breathtaking

I could go on endlessly about the incredible woman that Laverne Cox truly is. Activist, Emmy nominated actress, and fearless trailblazer are only a few of the things the talented lady could list on her resume. Since my love for her knows no bounds, Cox's Yahoo Style spread truly took my breath away. Though the shoot was held in a very modern loft, the style seemed to channel more of a high fashion-meets-Old-Hollywood vibe that's totally unexpected and gorgeous.

Cox may be most well known for her activist work in the trans community and desire and drive to bring about more accurate representation of trans men and women in the media. In her interview with Yahoo Style, Cox talked about how her unique rise to stardom and place in the trans community coincided somewhat fatefully. She tells the site, "I understand that my rise, if you will, has happened at a specific time culturally. It’s a confluence of a lot of things around diversity and racial politics, and it’s about a whole community of trans people speaking up and being more vocal about who they are. I’m not being delusional about how fabulous or amazing I am. These moments pass.” Cox may believe that her rise has much to do with an increasingly popular dialogue about racial and gendered intersectionality, I've got to say that her own talent has quite a bit to do with her star as well.

In her gorgeous spread, the Orange is the New Black actress dons designer ensemble upon designer ensemble that makes it hard to focus on just one look. In a gold, draped gown by Lanvin, the star looks pensively into the distance, and I can't help but get a very Dorothy Dandridge vibe from the image. In others, Cox works a Saint Laurent cape with gorgeous firework embellishments that nearly makes me want to cry because it's so beautiful. While she's definitely wearing some fabulous ensembles, Cox is still the star of the images.

While staring at this photoshoot has take up a hefty chunk of my Wednesday night, this isn't Cox's only gorgeous editorial or photoshoot. Let's countdown some of her best shoots to celebrate her stunning Yahoo Style spread.

1. Nylon Magazine

Cox's Nylon shoot was dinner style meets Grease that resulted in seriously cool vibes.

2. Entertainment Weekly Cover

Never has an outfit been more fitting for a woman fighting for equality and freedom for transpeople.

3. Essence

Cox may not have been the only OITNB star to grace Essence's pages, but I couldn't skip this shoot when her dress was literally everything.

4. People's Most Beautiful

Because she's beautiful both inside and out.

5. Allure

Many consider this to be Cox's most iconic shoot, and it's easy to see why. She looks gorgeous.