Who Is Cassandra On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Hopefully In Mexico, She'll Find Someone Better Than Juan Pablo

The competition is winding to an end, but more people are coming every week. And, spoilers say that Cassandra Ferguson will join Bachelor in Paradise, and she might just become major competition for some of the other girls in Mexico. But, in case you find yourself asking who is Cassandra, I've got you covered. She appeared way back on Juan Pablo's season in 2014 (not that long ago, and, yet, also forever ago).

I am going to be honest here, I didn’t watch all of Juan Pablo’s season. I hated him so much that I had to stop after the second episode. So, after some research into what I missed, here’s what I’ve concluded about Cassandra: She was liked, and she got some air time, but Juan Pablo sent her home on her birthday. Ouch.

So, if she does pop up in Paradise, let’s talk about who Cassandra could possibly hit it off with that would be better than Juan Pablo. At this point we know Kirk and Tanner and Joshua are off the table. Mikey is also off the table because you don’t come back to date someone (Juelia) after all that and then bail. That leaves Jared, Justin, Nick, and Dan. Jared has potential, but he did say he’s not over Kaitlyn, so he may be out of there soon. I still think Nick and Samantha are going to start something up since she was also texting with him before the show. So, I believe Cassandra will be going for either Dan or Justin. Time will tell.

But, before any of that happens, here’s everything you need to know about Cassandra Ferguson before she reportedly comes on the show:

She Has A Son

Her adorable son Trey is all over her Instagram, so whoever she has a connection with in Paradise will not only get a beautiful lady, but also this adorable boy.

She Was Engaged

In May 2014, People reported that the former Bachelor contestant was engaged to the father of her son. Unfortunately the Instagram announcement she posted was taken down and obviously they did not go through with the wedding.

She Was A Detroit Pistons Cheerleader

The Detroit native used to cheer for the NBA Pistons. Pretty cool!

She Has The Same Job As Every Other Former Bach Contestant

Have you ever noticed how much product placement is littered throughout former Bach contestant Instagrams? Well it’s no different here; she’s definitely getting paid to promote these products. Hey, if I could make a living by posting a photo, I would be all over that too.

Her Son Is Friends With Another Bach Kid

Her son had a play date with our other Bachelor in Paradise Detroit native, Jonathan. Umm, if she doesn’t work out with anyone in Paradise, I vote that she give Jonathan a shot because he was quite literally the best. To think that Jonathan could have been there when she was there if it wasn’t for Joe is kind of infuriating to me.

She’s Super Into Physical Exercise

Lots of her Instagram photos are her being super active and doing yoga and other outdoorsy things. Kind of made me a bit jealous that there’s no hiking spots in the middle of Manhattan.

Hopefully the rumors prove true and Cassandra hits Mexico soon! She deserves that second chance at TV love.

Images: Cassandrafergie/Instagram