These Tokyo-Inspired Nails Are Actually DIY-Able

I think we've all gone nail art tutorial crazy before, drooling over those “not as easy as it looks" designs. With these Tokyo inspired nails courtesy of Michelle Phan's ICON Network featuring CutePolish, however, you can actually achieve a lust-worthy design. Get ready to retire your plain polish or go-to French manicure by taking a page out of CutePolish's stylebook (being YouTube's #1 nail art channel and all has to count for something, right?). In their “The World at Your Fingertips" series, nail art guru Sandi Crystal Ball is taking viewers through tutorials inspired by the most popular nail art in the biggest cities around the world. The latest episode spotlights Tokyo and its rounded, sparkling designs.

The design combines three of Japan's famous nail art features: oval nail shapes, 3D embellishments, and use of negative space. I don't know a girl who doesn't enjoy a little sparkle, so you'll love the glittered striping — not to mention you can never (and I mean NEVER) go wrong with Tiffany blue anything. You'll look like a DIY pro with this mani, since it features three different nail designs in one look. All it takes are a few paper reinforcers, pearls, and rhinestones!

This look might seem like you'll need a surgeon's steady hand to pull it off, but the video actually offers up some awesome, sneaky tips you can use in all your future manicures. The first? Use those circular binder reinforcers you have leftover from science class to easily create a half-moon tip.

The second most important tip is that if you're going to do stripes, make them sparkly. By nature, a glitter polish will never have a perfectly straight line, so you can freehand it no problem! Just get a smaller brush to make things easier.

If Tokyo nails doesn't suit your fancy, ICON and CutePolish have already teamed up to create nails inspired by Paris and New York. Stay tuned because I'm sure there will be plenty more where that came from! With over 2.5 million Youtube subscribers and 800 thousand Instagram followers, it's safe to say you won't be the only one with your eyes glued to a CutePolish tutorial. Now, it's time to hop on the first thing smoking to Tokyo! Well, maybe not really, but with these nails, it almost feels like it.

Sorry to bail, but I've gotta go make a run to Sally's to up my polish stash and get my Sandi Crystal Ball on! The next time you see me, I'll have the world at my fingertips.

Images: CutePolish/ICON Network/YouTube