Justin Bieber Will Perform "What Do You Mean" At The VMAs & It Could Be His Best Show Yet

The single that has just about the greatest advertisement campaign everis almost here, and I hope you didn't think that the premiere would be the last that you ever heard of it. After MTV announced the first of the list of 2015 VMAs performers, you might have mistakenly thought that was it. However, the pop star himself took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal that he would be returning to the VMAs with style. As in, Bieber will perform "What Do You Mean" at the VMAs on Sunday, only two days after the single hits the Internet. Am I the only one who thinks this performance is going to blow us away? (And, for me, this could be the very first Bieber performance to ever actually blow me away. Sorry, Beliebers.)

For those who somehow missed it, Bieber's viral campaign for the song has involved pulling a Taylor Swift. Pretty much every famous friend that Bieber could get to hold up a sign with the name of the single and the countdown to the single's release has been photographed doing just that. From Miley Cyrus to Kevin Hart, from Kendall Jenner to Cody Simpson, it almost feels like every celebrity in the world is as excited for this song to come out as we are. And what if that carries over into the performance itself?

What if we get a VMAs performance in which every single celebrity who has been a part of the promotion for the song so far joins the show alongside Bieber? What if Bieber is only there to sing the chorus, while the other celebrities sing or rap or even just say the lines in each verse, depending on their level of vocal talent? What if he performs in front of a giant screen that shows a video of all of the celebrities from the promotional campaign lip syncing along to the song? Basically, what if this Bieber "What Do You Mean" performance is literally just an excuse to get a bunch of our favorite celebrities together for one rocking concert — you know, like Taylor Swift did on the 1989 Tour. Guys, I would lose my mind.

I'm already losing my mind with anticipation over this song that has the rest of the world so captivated, but now my mind is swimming with possibilities as to how, exactly, Bieber plans to wow us with the performance as much as he's impressed us with his promotional campaign. Until Sunday's award show comes rolling around, we'll just have to leave ourselves guessing, but one thing is for sure: Bieber has got us in the palm of his hands.