Miley Mixed Bunny Ears & Pasties In Latest Outfit

Accessories can make or break an outfit. You can go simple and minimal with a few pieces, or you can pile on the bracelets, necklaces, and headgear. Then there is Miley Cyrus, who accessorized with bunny ears and heart pasties, among other things, for her latest Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance.

It wasn't even Easter or Valentine's Day, but Miss Miley had a theme all her own. She was mixing holidays and materials.

Cyrus was promoting her upcoming stint as VMAs host and she went absolutely wild. It was accessories overload, since she also donned extensions and stickers. It was as though the singer and former Hannah Montana couldn't decide what she wanted to wear so she just wore everything she could get her hands on!

It's not the first time she's substituted pasties for, you know, an actual shirt, or did something unusual, like rock Rapunzel-like, red extensions.

Drew Barrymore has spoken about her love for hearts and I am also a lover of heart-shaped things, often scouring estate sales and Target in February to seek and stock up on things shaped like hearts. I feel like Cyrus is part of our unspoken club now, thanks to her heart pasties.

She even had a heart-shaped sticker on her face, matching her pastie. Earlier this year, she paired butterfly wings with same-shape pasties.

Don't underestimate the power of the pastie.

A blunt. Bunny ears. Dread extensions. Doe eyes. Somehow, this combo just works.

The singer also wore some shoulder-dusting earrings.

Seriously, you guys! Who needs the support of a bra when you have pasties? I admire Miley, since, as a D cup myself, I don't like to go sans a bra. Must be nice!

Anyone who follows Cyrus' IG feed and her photo antics knows that her world is a colorful cornucopia of loud, weird, acid-trip like images and fashion. But lately, she has had a thing for the bunny motif.

She was sorta '60s with her Playboy bunny towel and polka dot head gear.

Cyrus also went with an oversized baseball jersey and skinnies, which she claimed to have worn for several days in a row. The evidence of not changing her clothes for nearly a week was actually in her IG feed, unless she was all latergramming.

She likes to cover her body parts with bedazzled things.

What's more awesome than a short, smiley face robe?

Seriously, though, I could do this all day! Cyrus posts tons of photos daily and they are all wild, crazy, and colorful enough to make my brain short circuit.

If anyone walks their own style path, it's Cyrus.