Nina Dobrev Wears Glittery Star For Taylor Swift Show, Because Sparkling Is Always, Always In

Taylor Swift inspires a lot of people to do a lot of things, from her fans to her famous friends. For her many L.A. gigs this week, the "Bad Blood" songstress brought a bevvy of celebs on her stage. While she didn't hit the stage to sing a song with Swift, actress Nina Dobrev wore glittery gold face paint, namely a star over one of her eyes, while attending one of the shows.

It's all about makeup squad goals!

It's totally fine and acceptable and awesome to want to show your sparkle. Dobrev and her lady pals did just that while going to see T. Swizzle perform. They posted a bunch of super cute photos of their glittery, face-painted antics, reminding us that no matter your age or profession, sometimes you want to put glitter on your face.

But there is something else a little less obvious going on here.

IMO, Dobrev's gold star was probably more literally inspired by another musician: Paul Stanley of rock band KISS. Stanley's alter ego is the Star Child and he is known for sporting a black star, painted over his eye, for the past several decades.

Dobrev may have rocked a precious metal, but the inspo was there.

Starlight, star bright! Dobrev said she was channeling T. Swift, but...

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

... I'm thinking Paul Stanley factored into the mix, minus the chest hair, of course. Just a little bit, right?

A girls' glitter night has to be fun, whether you are going to see T. Swift or attending a bachelorette party.

Julianne Hough even got in on the face paint fun. I seriously love that the actresses were indulging their playful and girlish sides.

This palette was the tool of the trade for Dobrev and her squad. The artist's materials, if you will! Ooh! So many pretty, sparkly colors.

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There ya have it: Your beginner's kit for sparkling and getting all glittery for a concert!

Images: Nina Dobrev/Instagram (4); Courtesy Brands