7 Of Awkwafina's Best Glasses Photos Because Being A Four Eyes Is Completely Cool

Asian American rappers are pretty evidently and unfortunately lacking in our culture, so seeing the rise to fame that rapper Awkwafina (whose real name is Nora Lum) is currently on is truly exciting. The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards will even see Awkwafina and other Girl Code cast members hosting the pre-show alongside Kelly Osbourne. It's arguably her personal brand of comedic rap songs, which include gross lyrics and jokes about anything taboo — from how much better her vagina is to your vagina in "My Vag" to celebrating queefing in the aptly named song "Queef" — that makes the Queens-born star so special. Awkwafina is also a cast member on MTV's Girl Code , which gave her something of a television presence well before her music career took off.

Not only is Nora Lum cooler than most humans, but her trademark glasses have also drawn their own fan base. Unlike many celebrities who wear glasses but don't do so publicly, Awkwafina has made her glasses a kind of gimmick — a trademark to be known for and immediately recognized by. Given all the stereotypes surrounding glasses that have been around since we were all in elementary school, choosing to face the world behind lenses is a bold move.

Personally, I adore the pair she often wears. It's an integral part of her look, IMO. The old fashioned, oversized frames are a far step from the nerd glasses of yesteryear, and a really fun but chic sartorial touch. A sense of personal style really shines through whenever Nora Lum dons her glasses. Although she lost her beloved frames of five years on an airplane in July of this year, let's take a look at seven times she makes glasses-wearing indescribably cool.

1. Rock Up To The Club Like, "What Up? I Got Some Great Glasses"

This Ellen Degeneres-esque selfie with a crowd looks so much cooler with Awkwafina's framed face in front.

2. Reporting For MTV & Living The Dream Through Clear Tinted Glasses

You clearly have to have style to be a reporter for MTV, and Awkwafina's glasses definitely prove she's got enough oodles of it.

3. In Front Of Your Own Book, Where You're Also Wearing Glasses

What's cooler than being on the cover of your own book? Taking a selfie in the same glasses you're wearing on the front of it, of course.

4. Cartoon Network: Your Bespectacled Childhood Self Would Be Screaming

This would be cool AF, regardless of glasses wearing.

5. Having An Orgasm In 'Cosmo'

Who said glasses can't be sexy? This picture is enough proof for anyone who begs to challenge your strong glasses game.

6. Full Length Outfit Featuring Water Bottles

This picture is pretty cute. But with the context of the entire outfit, Awkwafina's glasses really add something pretty special to the overall look.

7. The Cartoon Version Of You Wears Glasses

Her glasses are so iconic that they've even made it into the world of illustration.

Pretty sure whoever started the social stigma surrounding being a "Four Eyes" is probs rolling in their grave right now.

Images: Awkwafina/Instagram