Barbie By Sophia Webster Ad Campaign Gloriously Showcases The Shoes of Your Dreams

Okay, so if all things Sophia Webster are awesome, and all things Barbie are awesome, what do you get when you combine them together for the Barbie by Sophia Webster capsule collection? Exponential awesomeness all around. The world got its first peek at the collaboration (which features flirty stilettos, and covet-worthy sandals for women and children) earlier this month, but now the official ad campaign is here... and it's every bit as glorious as you might expect. It's got all the Barbie-ness you could ever ask for: Voluminous blonde hair? Check. Winged liner like what? Check. Clueless-esque pink plaid mini skirts? Check. Pink butterfly shoes and matching pink lipstick? Check and check.

The campaign in question stars Colombian singer Kali Uchis (who will also be starring in a short film for the collaboration), and the resulting ads are, put simply, the stuff of dreams. Besides, how fitting is it that the same company that had you begging your parents for a My Size Angel Barbie three Christmases in a row, now has you begging said parents for $595 shoes under the tree? I don't know about you, but my second-wave feminist mom would rather die than buy me either one. At any rate, the collection itself is to die for, and the pink plaid-happy ads are (if possible) even more so. Let's take a look!

Barbie by SW Chiara

These butterfly-heeled sandals might be the prettiest, coolest shoes I've ever seen in my life, and I must have them.

Barbie by SW Chiara, $595, Sophia Webster

Barbie by SW Speech Bubble Flat

You know how I said that last pair of stilettos were the prettiest, coolest shoes I'd ever seen? Well, these are definitely a close second (and what a nice way to celebrate Barbie's newly-flexible ankles).

Barbie by SW Speech Bubble Flat, $450, Sophia Webster

Barbie by SW Riko High Top

Barbie meets high tops? Sign me up.

Barbie by SW Riko High Top, $395, Sophia Webster

Barbie by SW Lea

Everything about these shoes is perfect.

Barbie by SW Leah, $550, Sophia Webster

Images: Sophia Webster (4)