Michael Fassbender 'Assassin's Creed' Poster Is A Shadowy Glimpse At A Dark New Character — PHOTO

He's here, and he's a sassy assassin. Michael Fassbender is starring in Assassin's Creed, a film based on the hugely popular video game series of the same name. The movie is set to be released on December 21st, 2016, giving you something to do and talk about with your family this Christmas. Fassbender plays Callum Lynch, who discovers that he is a descendent of a secret Assassins society. Through genetic memories — visions of generations of his family — he is able to live as his ancestor, Aguilar, who lived in 15th century Spain. After gaining the knowledge and requisite skills by going back the Late Middle Ages as Aguilar, he is primed to fight the oppressive Knights Templar in the present day.

The film will not be using the plot of any of the existing video games, creating the character anew, and introducing new characters into the Assassin's Creed universe. Starring alongside Fassbender is Marion Cotillard, who demonstrated her action movie bonafides by starring in Christopher Nolan movies The Dark Knight Rises and Inception. Joining them are Kenneth Williams (12 Years a Slave) and Ariane Labed (Before Midnight). Filming begins on Monday, and will take place in Malta, London, and Spain.

This is guaranteed to be a great ride, and it will be exciting to see Fassbender, who has played villains in 12 Years a Slave and X-Men: Days of Future Past, on the right side of history. Check out your first look at the actor in costume below, and get ready to get chills up your spine.