4 Xenia Deli Photoshoots That Pre-Date Her Justin Bieber Music Video Debut

When it comes to modeling, making a career can be a wild ride. Before she was the star of Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" music video, model Xenia Deli had been racking up photoshoots left and right, from Vogue to Guess ads and everywhere in between.

Deli is getting more exposure than now that she's cozying up to Biebs, but she's already made a name for herself with hard work prior to this gig. According Hollywood Life, the Moldovan beauty attended modeling school until she began to acquire offers to have her photo taken by more credible photographers. Soon after, she found herself covering popular magazines such as Sports Illustrated.

More recently, Deli has even been featured in Russian Vogue and Elle, plus has had success as a Victoria's Secret model. Starring in Bieber's video will be a huge stepping stone for her career and hopefully set her up for even more exposure in the industry for the future. As an international model, she brings a fresh look to American fashion and I can't wait to see what she does next! Who knows, maybe she will be a featured as a rising model to watch in Vogue for 2016. High hopes for the lovely Deli.

Here are a few of her best photoshoots to date!

1. L'Officiel

2. Elle Romania

3. Guess by Marciano

4. And Her Selfie For The Video

Deli is on her way to the top!