What Will Happen In 'Sinister 3'? Here's What The Horror Film's Follow-Up Needs To Include

It seems as though Sinister is the new Saw. The first installment of the horror flick was released in 2012 with Ethan Hawke and garnered a decent amount of fright. Sinister set the precedence for the would-be franchise about a boogeyman named Bughuul who basically feeds off of and takes joy in making children kill their families and videotaping it. It's demented, creepy, and — in a word — sinister. Sinister 2 continues this rampage of snuff videos of children killing their families, but this time it digs into the children's point of view rather than the adults. The ending of the movie leads me to believe that there will be a third installment. According to the director, a movie to seal off a trilogy might be in the works, but what will happen in Sinister 3 ?

Sinister is on its way to becoming a horror franchise for the Hollywood history books. It combines the shock and torture of movie franchise like Saw and Scream, but also has the otherworldly terror of movies like Insidious and Paranormal. Scott Derrickson, director of the first movie and co-writer of both movies, told Cinemablend he would like another sequel. He even said that he would love 10 sequels, but he is realistic about it. He wants to base his decision on how well Sinister 2 does. However, the ending of the movie makes me believe that a sequel is already in the works (spoilers ahead!)

At the end of Sinister 2, the evil brother Zach (Dartanian Sloan) does not fulfill his task of killing his family and Bughuul is upset. He touches him and he turns to dust. (At least the good son, Dylan — Robert Daniel Sloan — has survived). He, his mom Courtney (Shannyn Sossamon), and the Deputy (James Ransone) escape the house plagued by Bughuul's presence, but before they leave town, the Deputy stops by his roach motel to pick up a couple of things. He enters the room and sees the ham radio shown in the clip above. It was the ham radio that was in the homes of one of Bughuul's first victims. The radio turns on and lets out some creepy noises and then Baghuul's face flashes on the screen before the end credits roll. The possibility for a sequel couldn't be any wider, so here are some things that should happen in the sequel.

Explain The Ham Radio


It's obviously a big part of both movies that didn't get fully explained. It picks up voices and bizarre frequencies that are somehow connected to all of the Bughuul's murders. Let's explore one of the more interesting murders from the past. It's not that much of a surprise that all these families who move into haunted houses are being killed. Give us more "why" behind these hauntings.

Make It A Prequel

Resorting to making something a prequel has become somewhat of a tired device in Hollywood, but for Sinister it just might work. They have so much "boogeyman" mythology to work with that it could very well be a successful move that surpasses the originals.

Or Make It A TV Miniseries


I know we're talking about a sequel here, but there are so many different deaths documented in Sinister and Sinister 2 that there are more than enough stories to create an American Horror Story–style anthology.

Show More Bughuul

Horror movies are suffering from creepy child fatigue. Although that is the lifeblood of Sinister, it would be a better idea to focus on the real star of the show: Bughuul. We barely see him in any of the movies. He's just a flash on the screen that makes viewers jump and nothing else. It's time to get into his sick, demented mind. Where is he from? Why is he so evil? Why does he kill? What's his favorite color? Bughuul deserves Kardashian-grade attention.

Give Sinister 3 A Hard R-Rating

The first two movies were rated R, but they felt more like hard PG-13 horrors. There were the occasional bouts of blood, scares, and violence, but not enough to make it feel like the series belongs in the ranks of movies like Insidious or Saw. The third installment needs to raise the stakes, show more gore, and heighten the fright in order for audiences to stay completely invested.

The Sinister franchise marries the gore and paranormal — something that generally hasn't been done before. If the franchise is going to live on and become iconic, it needs to do this even better than it already is.

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