4 Signs Your Partner Is Ready To Meet Your Family

by Melanie Yates

Hands down, introducing your significant other to your family is one of the more anxiety-inducing rites of passage in a new relationship. It's like catching a glimpse of your partner for the first time again, this time through the eyes of some highly-critical loved ones who only have your best interest at heart. Your partner may already be warmed up for this intro; they've no doubt heard a little bit about your upbringing and your earlier years. But to actually meet the people who raised and grew up with you can be quite a trip for the unsuspecting new love in your life.

Some family meetings are best saved until after you've been well-established as a couple for a few months, and other times it just feels right to bring your brand-new partner along the next time your parents stop by your place for a visit. And then there are those special instances that don't come around too often in one's dating life – where your significant other and your family will meet and hit it off so well, you almost become a little jealous of their brand new, super-close friendship bond.

Here are a few ways to tell that your boyfriend or girlfriend is definitely well-prepared to meet the folks, and that it will go better than you've ever experienced before:

1. There Are Weird Quirks That Will Bring Everyone Together

Everybody's parents are weird. If you're lucky enough to be dating someone who identifies with their same brand of strangeness, you're in for a beautiful first meeting. Nothing beats watching your partner and your parents meet and geek out over the same esoteric fandom that they tried to convert you into as a kid.

2. Your Family Genuinely Seems Interested In Them

Your S.O. is probably more concerned about making a good first impression on your parents than vice versa. So when you start hearing your 'rents ask independently about your partner, or nudge you about what they do, what they like, and when they're finally going to come by for a visit, you know that a great first meeting is on the horizon. Plus, it's fun to go back to your partner and get them excited that your parents are so curious about them.

3. You Can Easily Humanize The More Intimidating Family Members

If your mom or dad had the tendency to leave past dates stammering and shaking in their boots, let your partner know their soft spots ahead of time, so you can help break down that barrier. Not only should you let them in on their flaws (that's probably no secret to your partner) but also why you appreciate them, and they will see your family member as more of a whole person than just an intimidating individual with their guard up.

4. It's The Big ~Next Step~ For You Two

Your partner can only know you so well through mere dates, makeouts, and endless emoji-offs. Once they meet your family, they get to see the foundation of your growth as a human being. That's a whole other kind of intimacy that they're very lucky to experience with you.

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