9 Reasons Kehlani Is R&B’s Next Style Icon & Why You Should Keep An Eye Out For Her

As much as I have thoroughly enjoyed Ciara climbing back into her music and even getting involved in the fashion industry with Ralph Lauren and Roberto Cavalli, I have to admit there's a new girl on the scene. Oakland-born-and-raised artist Kehlani is R&B's next style icon. You might've already heard her beautiful soulful voice on the radio, singing tracks from her albums Cloud 19 and You Should Be Here. But unless you follow her on Instagram, you probably don't know about her killer style that mixes hypebeast with class.

Growing up, Kehlani says she was raised by her aunt who played "all of these powerful women and love songs. It was that Neo Soul-R&B, and I couldn’t get enough of it." You can definitely see those influences coming through in both her music and her style. As a kid growing up in the Bay Area, I remember and saw how hypebeast culture was a huge part of being cool. If you're not familiar with the term, Urban Dictionary defines hypebeast as, " a person who collects underground trends such as stussy, The Hundreds, Huf, Supreme, etc. And maybe also be a person who is a shoe head, and collects Nike Sb's." Basically, a trendy, underground sneakerhead.

But like any other fad, the moment when the trend began getting oversaturated and well, "too popular," its popularity started to die out. It's like how the manager of Miami's Uptown Sneaker Boutique put it, "Nobody wants to be the same but everybody kind of does the same thing."

Looking at Kehlani's style, it's apparent that she's more than aware of the stigma that hypebeast culture has, but she's able to redefine it and make it her own. What makes her a rising style icon is the fact that she is grounded in her own style and is able to apply her own flavor and twist to the culture. Watch out y'all, Kehlani is going to quickly become every girl's style inspiration. Don't believe me? Let me lay it out for you!

1. She's not afraid to go all out '90s

And just in case you missed the memo, '90s style is HOT right now. She's giving some serious Aaliyah vibes here, amirite?

2. She's edgy

Clearly, she knows the timelessness of moto jackets on top of being able to mix in her own Adidas edge.

3. She knows how to keep it cozy

Flannel, jeans, and sliders. Plus, can we take a moment to appreciate her braided locks?

4. She knows what's trendy and isn't afraid to wear her interpretation of the fad

Denim on denim with a touch of Kehlani.

5. She keeps it classy


6. She's already got this whole athleisure trend down

So fierce.

7. Selena Gomez is her fan

Getting that recognition for the Town!

8. She isn't afraid to be herself

She lets her personality come through style and body. Yas, gurl.

9. She knows how to accessorize

Killin' it.

Image: @kehlani/Instagram