Burberry Opens A DIY Scarf Bar

Just in time for fall, you can fulfill your craving for a classic tartan scarf in a print anyone will recognize. Burberry is launching a Scarf Bar where you can design custom plaid scarves and live out your dreams of dressing like Liam Payne. According to The Wall Street Journal, the service launches on Sept. 2 and will be available online and in stores.

Nothing says classic like Burberry's camel, black, red, and white tartan, which still decks out all the products of the 159-year-old company. A few years ago, my grandma gifted me a vintage Burberry cross-body bag she used to carry, and I've always been surprised how current the brand seems decades later.

The new Scarf Bar will give customers a chance to have a classic Burberry scarf unique to them. The bar will have 32 shades of plaid to choose from, and you can add polka dots or hearts to the scarf for a little whimsy. The brand also gives you the option to monogram your scarf. (Go big or go home, am I right?)

Nothing pairs better with a winter jacket than a plaid scarf, and Burberry's Instagram has been full of pictures of their fall collection lately.

Although it feels way too early to think about it, there's an unmistakeable chill in the air reminding me that fall is coming. Although you could wait until Sept. 2 to pick up a custom Burberry scarf, the truth is that it probably won't be cheap. Here are four Burberry-inspired options you can buy right now, no matter what your budget is.

1. Classic Burberry Plaid

If you just can't wait for the Burberry Scarf Bar to open and want to get your hands on a classic tartan scarf right now, you're in luck. The classic scarf is on sale at Nordstrom for 25 percent off. (That's $296.25 instead of the usual $395.) But hey, this could be a treat yo self moment.

2. Burberry-Inspired Plaid

If you're ballin' on a budget (like me), you're in luck. There's tons of cute plaid scarves out there that won't break the bank. While I wouldn't buy a knock-off of the classic Burberry plaid, this Forever 21 scarf emulates it without copying. At $12.90, it's a steal.

3. Blanket Scarf

Freezing office air conditioners mean blanket scarves are must-have accessories any time of year. The Zara blanket scarf that everyone had a few years ago (you know the one), is a little overdone, but there's other options now. This style at Nordstrom is reversible, and the colors are perfect for fall.

4. Lightweight Circle Scarf

Circle scarves are the perfect fall accessory because they keep your neck warm without the risk of getting the end of your scarf caught somewhere and accidentally choking yourself. This fun style from J. Crew has cute tassels and an adorable name, the Confetti Snood.

Images: @burberry/Instagram; Nordstrom, Forever 21, Nordstrom, J. Crew