Another 'Big Brother 17' Double Eviction Will Happen Next Week & These Are The Best-Case Scenarios

Well, this is the silver lining in a rather terrible eviction night. Big Brother 17 will have another double eviction next Thursday, and maybe, just maybe, something in this house will change. At this point, it's the same-old crap happening over and over again: Austin and the twins (plus Vanessa) are safe, again, and the people I actually like in the house are going to be aggressively targeted. The news of this double eviction is the one good thing to come from this night, since Vanessa is HOH, but now she (or an Austwin) could still be evicted on next Thursday. But that's just a best-case scenario for the current situation.

The real best-case scenario for this week wouldn't even involve Vanessa as HOH, but there's nothing we can do about that now, can we? No, seriously. Can we? Anyone know a loophole to go back in time and knock Vanessa off the Dizzyland swing before Johnny Mac?

But, because time travel isn't a "thing" yet, we will need to accept the fate of Vanessa being HOH for the week and look into what the best options are for the double eviction with her in charge going into next Thursday.

Johnny Mac

He's baaaaack. Look, if Johnny Mac can survive this week (TBD), it would be amazing if he took the double eviction HOH and finally went after Austwins. I know, what you're thinking. "But Johnny Mac said he'd go after Meg." NO. Wrong. We can't let that happen as a society. We have bigger fish to fry, and that fish has a beard bun.


James is due for a W. He has been fine lately, but I'm worried that him and Meg are skating on thin ice. Seriously, how have people not realized that he is playing the best social game so far? Let's get James into that HOH room (even if it's for 45 minutes) and let him make some moves like he did weeks ago. I'm thinking James would target Vanessa, because he made an excellent point that Austin and Liz are the biggest "couple" target in front of him and Meg.


LOL. I know, I know. It will never happen. But a girl can dream! If Meg won HOH, she'd probably target Jeff, because she doesn't realize he's been evicted weeks ago.

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Images: CBS (2); Sonja Flemming, Monty Brinton/CBS