Who Is Ryan Sheckler, The Guy In Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" Lyric Video? Um, Hello, He's Ryan Sheckler

Before Justin Bieber staked his claim as the ultimate teen heartthrob, there was another ridiculously good looking dude who once proudly held that title. And, ironically, now he and the Biebs are teaming up to put their similarly handsome selves on display in the singer's newest music video. So, if you were wondering, the guy in Bieber's "What Do You Mean" lyric video, is Ryan Sheckler. The name may sound familiar, and it should, because Sheckler just isn't a pretty face with (really) great hair, he's an exceedingly talented skateboarder.

For those of you who were perhaps too young or a little too mature to appreciate all of Sheckler's shaggy goodness in its prime, the now 25-year-old is a professional skateboarder. For those of you like me, who absolutely do remember Sheckler's impressive skating and riveting MTV reality show, Life of Ryan, this is just a refresher course. We are now all older and wiser, and can appreciate him and his talents more fully. And, perhaps better understand why he's hangin' out with the Biebs and whether they're going to start some kind of Bieber-On-Wheels type of skating musical show. Because, I could get behind that. I think.

Here are seven things to know about the man, the myth, the legend: Ryan Sheckler.

1. His Collaboration With Justin Bieber Makes A Lot Of Sense

We know that Biebs needs a little help with his skating skills, and clearly, Sheckler's willing to lend a helping hand. Or, at the very least, cheer him on.

2. He Defies Gravity

Skating or magic? Or both?

3. If You Didn't Know, Life Of Ryan Was Everything

Ryan Sheckler on YouTube

The drama, the angst, the extravagance! It's time to reboot this show, no?

4. Unfortunately, He's Taken

As evidenced by his frequent loving posts, Sheckler is dating Mia Bond. *Collective sigh* They are mighty cute together though, aren't they?

5. If You Want To Catch Him In Action, Check Out #ShecklerSessions

Red Bull on YouTube

More specifically, Red Bull describes it as, "A video series, featuring pro skater Ryan Sheckler and friends as they hit the road for adventures and, of course, skate terrain." It's been going on since 2012, so there are plenty of videos to be entertained and awed by.

6. In Addition To Bieber, Sheckler's Got Some Other Impressive Friends

Tony Hawk, every '90s kid's hero. I bow before you, Sheckler.

7. As Of June 2015, He's Won Seven X Games Medals

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

If that's not enough for you, according to his X Games bio, "He won his first X Games gold in SKB Park at age 13, becoming the youngest X Games gold medalist in history."

There you have it, folks. If Sheckler wasn't a household name to you before, he sure as heck should be now.