7 Makeup Brush Mistakes To Avoid

by Emily McClure

During my time as a makeup artist, I learned that makeup brushes are some of the most important tools in your beauty arsenal. However, they also could be the reason that your makeup isn't looking its best. Don't be caught making mistakes with your makeup brushes; learn to use them properly instead. With so many options to choose from, picking the right brush may seem overwhelming. However, it's all about learning what's best for you. Playing around with different types of brushes is one of the key ways to discovering your best makeup look. I mean, where would Kim Kardashian (or her makeup artist) be if she never figured out how to blend her contour?

When it comes to makeup brushes, you need to know what you're working with. Simple mistakes can be avoided in your beauty routine if you properly understand your tools. Wondering why your makeup is looking caked-on? You could be using your brush wrong, and ain't nobody got time for that. By learning how to properly use your beauty tools, you can drastically speed up your beauty routine. No more spending hours (figuratively) in front of the mirror. Fix your makeup brush mistakes by getting in the know. Here are a few common beauty blunders that you need to know about.

1. Keeping Them In Your Bathroom

Ideally, your makeup brushes need to be stored in a dry, cool environment. This means away from steamy showers, and damp bathrooms. Excess moisture can cause your makeup brushes to shed since the glue that bonds the bristles to the brush is deteriorating, according to Glamour.

2. Using The Wrong Foundation Brush

If your foundation is looking less than #flawless, it could be your brush causing the problem. The type of brush you use can completely impact the coverage of your foundation. Here is a quick guide to foundation brushes, according to The Beauty Department:

3. Using A Dirty Brush To Blend Your Eyeshadow

Don Arnold/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of my favorite beauty tricks is to use a clean blending brush to blend my eyeshadows. I'll apply my colors using my standard brushes, and then blend them together with a separate, clean fluffy brush. This way I can make sure that I don't transfer any colors, and don't add any excess product.

4. Using A Shader Blush To Apply Glitter

Breaking news: Glitter is messy. Don't ruin your makeup brushes because of it. Glitter can get caught in the bristles, and can be incredibly difficult to remove from your brush. Instead of applying any glittery products with a standard shader brush, use a disposable foam-tip applicator. It has the same effect as a brush, and can be easily tossed afterwards. No more messy brush cleanup!

5. Not Combing Through Your Eyelashes

Unless you're trying to achieve spidery eyelashes, avoid clumpy mascara by combing through them with a eyelash comb. I do this all the time to break up any clumps in my lashes. It works wonders, and makes my lashes look incredible.

6. Using The Wrong Brush To Blend Your Contour

Gary Gershoff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Don't be a victim of a messy contour. Make sure to blend that sucker in! Instead of using the brush you applied your contour with, use your foundation brush to blend the edges instead. This way your foundation and contour can be blended together smoothly without excess product getting in the way.

7. Not Knowing When To Use Natural Versus Synthetic Bristles

As a general rule, I like to stick to natural bristles for my powder products, and synthetic bristles for my liquid products. According to makeup guru Michelle Phan, synthetic bristles don't soak up as much product as natural bristles. This is great for liquid makeup as you won't be wasting too much product. As for natural bristles, I feel like these bristles blend in my powder products so much more smoothly.

Don't let your makeup brush work against you. By using your tools properly, you can always ensure that your makeup is #onfleek. Now, go out there, and be flawless!

Images: lokisurina/Fotolia; Laura D'Alessandro/Flickr; Emily McClure (5)