Ben H.'s Old Job Prepared Him For His New Job

Before you know it, we will watch Ben Higgins embark on his Bachelor journey and maybe find the love of his life on national television. It's seriously just moons away. Ben was America's favorite on Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette, so natch he became the newest Bachelor. I, for one, am livid — Ben and I were supposed to have a meet-cute and someone else (IDK, Nick?) could have taken the title. But, I'll have to grin and bear it as Ben looks for the future Mrs. Higgins on my TV each week. As for Ben, his job as the Bachelor won't begin for a little bit longer, so he'll have to keep up with real life human job. You know, the one us normos do day-to-day.

Ben H. — let's drop the H. act, sorry Ben Zorn — just like you and me, has a normal job that he does each day. How boring and normal and totally perfect of him! Benjamin — as his LinkedIn profile goes by — is a "Business Analyst" in Denver currently, and has been for over two years. He works at a company named Talisys, which provides financial services software. "Business analyst" is a pretty vague term, but Ben outlines exactly what he does for the company on his profile.

As it turns out, Ben's job as a "business analyst" (I'm sorry, that just sounds like a job in a Katherine Heigl rom-com) is going to give him a lot of help as he takes on his newest job. Here's how Ben's career has prepped him for arguably his most important position yet.

He Can Evaluate A Situation

Sometimes Bachelors or Bachelorettes are put in situations where they need to make decisions that could alter their future (see: not giving someone a rose). One of the things Ben's LinkedIn profile says is that his job requires him to "elicit, evaluate, and document business user requirements..." which sounds like the perfect transition into evaluating his own Bachelor requirements and coming to decisions swiftly and easily.

He Can Communicate

Ben's job as a business analyst has him presenting and facilitating client discussions. It sounds like he's probably honed in on his communicating skills with large groups — which was pretty evident during Kaitlyn's season — aka 25 women.

He Is Intelligent

Ben has to develop test plans, oversee testing teams, and test products, as well as work as a "business-knowledge contact" as a business analyst. I don't think anyone can do that, proving Ben is a pretty smart cookie. Can you say total package?

Of course, we already know that Ben is a perfect Bachelor. But his job as a business analyst just further confirms that he was the right pick.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC