Scouted by Sephora Is Your Guide To Under-The-Radar Brands You Need To Know About

If you thought your cosmetics-crazed heart couldn’t love Sephora more, think again. The cosmetic retailer has launched Scouted by Sephora this month, and the new initiative will bring the latest and greatest beauty products that have previously flown under the radar front and center by archiving them on the brand's website.

Cue major sigh of relief! Let’s be honest here, giddy as you may be walking through a Sephora, you’re also bound to be pretty overwhelmed by the hundred of bottles, palettes, lip pencils and more that line the shelves. With so many brands, deciphering which items are worth the buy can be a project that requires major research. Oftentimes if it’s not a name we’ve heard before, we’ll sweep it under the rug and forget it exists because products x y and z already work for just fine.

But here me out. Say you hadn't clicked on that random alternative rock band’s YouTube channel, suggested during your afternoon listening session. You could be missing out on the greatest album ever made right now! Sampling new beauty products is a similar story. Yes, your trusty eyeshadow palette has been good to you all these years, but what if there existed colors that took your smokey eye to the next level?

"Each of the brands has a unique story,” Sephora senior vice president of marketing and brands Deborah Yeh told Women’s Wear Daily of the products featured on Scouted. “We look forward to pulling back the curtain to share these inside views, and introduce them to our consumers."

Hello makeup, goodbye money. Scouted by Sephora is sure to provide you with what's new now, with secrets from the experts and brilliant brands that deserve a closer look. Check out five of my favorite Scouted by Sephora products and be sure to head over to to browse this new, impressive archive.

1. Viseart

Corrector, Contour, Camouflage HD Palette, $80.00,

Viseart provides contour/concealer, lip, and eyeshadow palettes. Each color on the Corrector, Contour, Camouflage HD palette is comprised of plant-based ingredients with zero parabens to be found. The best part of this product? It is perfect for fall.

2. Tatcha

Pure One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, $48.00,

This beauty brand bases its products on the beauty rituals of the Japanese geisha. The Camellia Cleansing Oil shown above acts as a makeup remover and facial cleanser, blended with camellia and rice bran oils.

3. Juliette Has A Gun

Lady Vengeance, $135.00,

Besides the fact that this Parisian fragrance brand's name is brilliant, it is, in fact, a nod at Shakespeare's legendary heroine. Nothing better than literature and cosmetics fused into one bottle.

4. Cinema Secrets

Makeup Brush Cleaner, $24.00,

This brand was founded by none other than the Academy Award winning makeup artist Maurice Stein, who has worked in the industry for over 50 years. That's one impressive resume, and a whole lot of experience. Investing in this man's products almost guarantees you'll look like a star.

5. Skin Inc.

Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask, $75.00,

According to Sephora's research, beauty experts around Europe and Asia are on board with this skincare brand's custom formulas, guaranteed to repair and cleanse the skin.

Images: Courtesy Brands (5)