Rihanna's Insane Christmas Instagrams Vs. Busy Philipps' In the Battle of Celeb Holiday Cheer

I imagine one of the benefits of being wealthy is that you can give, and potentially receive, really spectacular Christmas presents. You can also spend loads on Christmas decorations, which is exciting, given that if I had an unlimited budget I'd wrap myself and everything I own in tinsel, and I don't even celebrate Christmas. However, not everyone knows how to properly display holiday cheer. Rihanna thinks holiday cheer is posting incessant and wholly depressing slews of Instagram photos showing all the free swag she got from designers. Can anyone say Grinch much?

On the other hand, Busy Philipps has gotten into the holiday spirit via artfully festive scenes, played out alongside her presents by mischievous elves and delicious dessert products. And it's glorious and makes Jews like me cry a little into our contraband Christmas stockings, because goddammit, you just can't do all that much, decoratively speaking, with a menorah or a Jewish star.

So here is you guide of "How To Christmas," brought to you by Rihanna and Busy Philipps. Take note children, Christmas is coming, and you don't want to get on Santa's naughty list for being greedy or boastful *hint hint*.

Image: BusyPhilipps/Instagram

Rihanna, Round 1: A Personalized Fendi Bag

OK, I’m no fashionista (or at least I say that to be polite), but this bag is pretty tacky. Also, last I checked the seatbelt bag trend died when we all turned 15 and realized that like, ya know, you could have a bag made of seatbelts ooooor you could have a bag made of buttery suede. No competition.

Image: Rihanna/Instagram

Busy PhiliPps, Round 1: A Personalized Lego She Got From A Fan

I want to give Rihanna a fighting chance here, since I regularly kinda love her, but come on, if that childish handwriting doesn’t make your heart melt, well, then you must be a real Grinch. Busy Philipps is busy giving thanks for a Lego, while Rihanna was probably prancing around trying on her new Fendi bag. Ugh. Rich people, huh?

Image: Busy Philipps/Instagram

And The Round Goes To.....

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


Rihanna, Round 2: Prada Shoes, Prada Sunglasses, Prada Prada Prada

JEEZ RIHANNA, JUST RUB IT ON IN, THAT NO ONE WE KNOW WILL EVER EVEN CONSIDER GIVING US PRADA FOR THE HOLIDAYS. I’m currently sobbing with envy whilst beginning my voodoo rituals against RiRi. Don’t judge me, just look at the shoes.

Image: Rihanna/Instagram

Busy Phillips, Round 2: An Elf Making A Snow Angel

So this is where the whole Busy vs. Rihanna thing becomes really stark. Rihanna is all “I am a consummate consumer and everyone throws luxury items at me because, well, have ya seen me,” whereas Busy is more of an arts-and-crafts, Pinocchio-in-a-snowdrift-made-of-flour type chick. It’s like the difference between Black Friday and Thanksgiving, and I think I speak for all of us when we say that what happens on Black Friday stays on Black Friday.

Image: Busy Philipps/Instagram

And The Round Goes To.....

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

BUSY. Big surprise there.

Rihanna, Round 3: McQueen. 'Nuff Said

Ohhhhh, would ya look at that, Rihanna received another gift, from fricking Alexander McQueen no less. IT’S NOT LIKE THERE ARE STARVING CHILDREN OR JOURNALISTS OUT THERE WHO MIGHT BENEFIT FROM THIS. Ugh. The world is cruel.

Image: Rihanna/Instagram

Busy Philipps, Round 3: Adventurous Elves Going Ziplining In The Foyer

Oh man, so that Pinocchio looking elf not only gets to have adventures throughout the house, buuuuut Busy also either has awesome taste or a great decorator because that is a seriously fierce birdcage. Win win.

Image: Busy Philipps/Instagram

Rihanna, Round 4: A Versace Bag

With a handwritten note from Donatella. Ugh.

Image: Rihanna/Instagram

Busy Philipps, Round 4: Elves Building Rice Krispie Snowmen

Awwwwwwww. Buuuusssyyyyy, you are too much.

Image: Busy Philipps/Instagram

So The Winner Is...

Busy Philipps. Obviously. Because she is amazing.

Image: Busy Philipps/Instagram