Kim Kardashian's Reaction To Kanye West's VMA Vanguard Speech Proves They're Total Relationship Goals

Say what you want about Kimye, but it's impossible to deny — their love for one another is insanely endearing: Case-in-point: Kim Kardashian's reaction to Kanye West's VMA Vanguard Award speech was sort of an unexpectedly tender moment that proved, no matter what, the two of them will support each other through anything. These two!

West took the stage to accept his ultra-special moon man after being introduced by Taylor Swift (clearly, hatchets are being buried). And unlike his infamous moment of interrupting Taylor Swift's 2009 acceptance speech for "Best Female Video," he was even invited to do so this time. Furthermore, he even discussed how much of a changed man he's become since marrying Kardashian and fathering a baby. Then, he went on to be unfiltered West (as West does).

Before the speech kicked into high gear, the camera periodically panned to Kardashian. Being the Kimmy we all know, she was naturally ready for a spotlight, with a selfie-ready expression each time she was pictured. As she sat in the audience waiting for her bae to go up, she was stoic. Then, she gave him a pretty adorable kiss, and wiped off his cheek just before he took the stage. Sure, it's a total mom move, but it was hilarious, sweet, and generally made it hard for anyone to be cynical.

As if things couldn't get any more tender, Kardashian and Taylor Swift stood hand over shoulder like a couple of old buddies.

GAH! Are you crying? I'm not crying. I just have a little dust in my eye, is all... just #RelationshipGoals.

Image: Tanya Ghahremani/MTV