Justin Bieber Rocks '90s Grunge Jacket & Baseball Cap That Are Very On Trend This Fall

After weeks of celebs like Kendall Jenner and Demi Lovato promoting the highly anticipated single “What Do You Mean?” on their Instagram accounts, the song finally dropped Friday and Beliebers can rejoice. Further promoting his latest release, Justin Bieber danced in an oversize plaid jacket and baseball cap with Ellen DeGeneres in a video uploaded to Instagram. I love me some Ellen DeGeneres, but I was a little distracted by the nod to '90’s grunge written all over Bieber’s clothes.

I may not have been a teenager in the '90’s, but I grew up with siblings who were, not to mention I’ve also watched Clueless enough times to know that this era was all about the alternative and everything baggy. This particular style has been labeled “grunge,” but I like to call it comfy chic. Beauty is pain, so why should fashion be? I’m all in favor of cute comfort, and as the iconic film rings in its 20th year, we are beginning to see the styling’s of Cher, Dion, and Tye resurfacing.

Of course, it’s more than likely Bieber simply rolled out of bed, threw on whatever mismatched pieces were on his floor, headed out to chill with DeGeneres and decided to shoot an all-too casual video for a bit of self advertisement.

Bieber probably wasn't expecting to make a fashion statement this morning, but he has, and I’m totally buggin'.

With the '90's having yet another fashion moment, it's pretty much imperative that you get Bieber's '90's grunge look so you can be on trend this fall.

The Plaid

Black White Plaid V Neck Loose Fit Blouse, $28, Maykool

It's a little early to be breaking out the heavy jackets, Biebs, but I like where you're going with the plaid pattern. The perfect transitional piece for summer into fall is an oversized plaid t-shirt. Temperatures are starting to drop in the evening, so use the tee as a light jacket over a plain or graphic tee.

The T-shirt

SUGARLIPS Scoopneck Cap-Sleeved Tee, $24, Lord and Taylor

When it comes to layering with plaid, you really do have options, especially when we're working with black and white plaid. Both colors are neutrals, so you could throw a pop of color underneath, stick with a black or white tee, or get graphic. To score Bieber's specific look, we're going to go with a simple, black crew neck t-shirt.

The Jeans

High-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans, $29, Go Jane

I am a fan of black on black, but in traditional '90's fashion, dark hues were paired with faded blue jeans. So while Bieber's dark denim is an option, washed out denim would pair nicely with the black and white plaid top. Bonus points if they're high waisted.

The Hat

Black Flexfit 210 Home Run Cap, $18, Lids

Go all-out '90's style and wear it backwards. I double dog dare you.

Images: Courtesy Brands (4)