So, 'Anne Frank's Diary' Is Going to Be Adapted Into an Animated Film

Today in unexpected film news: According to Deadline, Waltz With Bashir director Ari Folman is helming an animated Anne Frank's Diary film, which he promises will "keep the memory alive for younger generations." This isn't that crazy of a concept when you consider that countless other TV and film projects — animated and live action — exist based on the 15-year-old Holocaust victim's diary, but it's pretty significant when you consider this: It's reportedly the first film project to have been "granted full access to all the archives of the Anne Frank Fonds Basel," which was founded in 1963 by Anne's father Otto Frank.

"Bringing the Anne Frank Diary to all screens is a fantastic opportunity and challenge," Folman, who earned an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe win for Waltz With Bashir, said in a statement. "There is a real need for new artistic material to keep the memory alive for younger generations."

Producers are also currently negotiating some sort of worldwide release for the project when it's completed, which would encompass "all media and all languages."

No word yet on when this project will be completed, but production is reportedly expected to begin in winter 2014.