Kate Bosworth's Lava Opal Ring Is Stunning, Plus 5 Times Her Accessories Made Her Stand Out

An outfit is nothing without its details, and all the best fashion icons know how to use that fact to their advantage. Kate Bosworth flaunted a lava opal ring on Instagram, proving that sometimes bigger really is better when it comes to stylish add-ons. The gorgeous ring is only a small glimpse of her stand-out accessories collection, and a look at some of her previous outfits will make you a believer in big, bold extras.

Bosworth posted an up-close image of the lava opal ring, which is from the Susan Foster Jewelry collection, and the rare jewel deserves all the double taps. The large grey stone glistens with bright green and blue cracked details shining that make the ring absolutely mesmerizing. This unique oval stone it trimmed with a textured gold border, giving this piece an antique-y, one-of-a-kind feel.

Bosworth has previously collaboratoed with jewelry brands Ambyr Child and JewelMint, so she clearly knows a thing or two about her rocks, be they real or costume jewelry variety. Every piece that Bosworth has produced with these companies has its own stylish spin, so it's no surprise that her personal picks are equally as interesting. It's safe to say that this fabulous rock matches her stand-out fashion personality.

From bold style choices to eye-catching jewelry, Bosworth keeps it chic when it comes to her clothing and lets her accessories speak for themselves. She sure knows how to spice up an outfit, and her Instagram proves it.

1. Bold Belts

Although it looks a bit camouflaged, the belt really makes this outfit pop.

2. Shiny Shoes

The average fashionista probably wouldn't pair these casual shoes with an elegant dress, but somehow this outfit completely works on Bosworth.

3. Laid-Back Hats

Bosworth makes yet another bold style choice by pairing her white romper with a backwards baseball cap.

4. Personalized With Pins

These pins give her leather jacket an individualized feel.

5. Sassy Sunnies

Her clear cat-eye sunglasses are ultra-chic.

6. All-Gold Add-Ons

Her armful of gold bracelets and multiple rings are perfect for bringing out the shine of her shoes.

7. Elegant Earrings

Bosworth kept it interesting with elegant drop earrings.

This star knows a thing or two about how to make any outfit her own!