'Downton Abbey's Season 6 Trailer Proves This Really Is The End Of An Era — VIDEO

Does everyone have their upper lips stiff? Because if they're not, prepare for them to start trembling when you see the Downton Abbey Season 6 trailer. The hit British drama is coming to an end this year, and the trailer does not miss a single opportunity to remind fans that it is time to say goodbye to the Crawleys and their staff: Like, there's what appears to be a wedding (Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson's, perhaps?), a possible funeral, and so, so many repressed tears. The trailer is everything die hard fans could ask for: maddeningly vague with just enough tantalizing hints to keep you guessing until the Season 6 premiere on September 20 in the UK (or January 3 if you live stateside).

So, what can we all expect in Season 6, aside from the inevitable devastation that will come from being kicked out of Downton? It looks like there will be more than a few happy endings for the beloved characters — but the trailer definitely zeroes in on the staff. Between Mr. Carson removing his nameplate and Anna saying goodbye to Lady Mary, I suspect the final season will be almost as emotionally devastating as Isis' death.

While the trailer doesn't reveal too much, here are seven things you can expect to see in Season 6.

1. Downton Abbey Is Losing It's Staff

Whether it is the changing times or financial trouble, Downton Abbey's staff appears to be leaving the manor behind. It's not just Mr. Carson packing his suitcase — it's Anna saying farewell to Mary, Daisy finally embracing the farm life, and Robert lamenting his inability to stop time. The question is, will the family leave Downton behind too?

2. Edith Finding Love (Finally... Probably)

Not only does Edith look absolutely smashing, she also looks smitten in the trailer. While it is hard to identify an unfamiliar character from the back of their head, I am fairly certain Edith's gentleman is Mr. Pelham, the man who showed interest in her during last year's Christmas special. My only hope is Mr. Pelham is ready to commit to Edith 100 percent, because she has had more than her share of heartbreak.

3. More Heartbreak For Anna And Bates

Anna is crying, it must be Sunday. This poor couple has had enough tragedy for several lifetimes, but it looks like they could be in for one more round of heartbreak. Has someone died or could those be happy tears? (Those really don't look like happy tears.)

4. Mr. Carson & Mrs. Hughes' Wedding

The entire Downton staff in a church and smiling? It's go time, guys. This has to be a shot from Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes' wedding and I have no doubt it will be the highlight of the whole season.

5. A Surprise Return

I'm sorry, but no one could put a smile like that on Mary's face besides Branson. I'm calling it now, the mystery man walking into this celebration is definitely Branson, and Mary is having some serious feelings stirred by the looks of things.

6. Andy And Thomas Growing Closer

It looks like Andy is doing some snooping in this scene — and since this is the last season, I am choosing to believe this means Andy and Thomas are growing closer. Thomas is the only person unluckier in love than Edith, and I would love to see the final season involve his feelings for the sweet Andy being reciprocated.

7. The Dowager Being Awesome

Some things never change, even when the end is near.

Check out the trailer below and see if you can pick up anymore clues about what is ahead in Downton Abbey Season 6.

Images: ITV Studios; ITV Studios/YouTube (7)