16 '90s Struggles Kids Today Just Wouldn't Understand — Like Trying To Memorize Your BFF's Phone Number

We all get nostalgic for the '90s — that is, until we remember all the trouble it caused us. There are certain '90s kids struggles that you probably blocked out of your mind the second dial-up Internet was no longer getting in your way. Life before smartphones, wifi, and TiVo is not something you would wish upon today's generation. If you weren't home to catch that latest episode of Power Rangers, tough luck — because it was going to be the hot topic of lunchroom conversation regardless.

The '90s were a crazy time, even as a kid. From having to "dial up" to get online to memorizing your home phone number in case you ever had to use a payphone, it's kind of hard to believe that we made it as far as we did. If you mentioned the idea of YouTube in the early '90s, you would just receive confused stares and a raised eyebrow or two. We've come a long way.

Despite the drawbacks of being a '90s kid, there is a certain pride in knowing that you made it through your childhood without the help of apps. It's time to take a moment's rest from wishing for time machines, and instead start indulging in some time capsules, because a hefty slice of the '90s is all you really need to get your feelings flowing. Here are 16 very real '90s struggles kids today just wouldn't understand.

1. Having to talk to a friend's parents on the phone before getting through to your actual friend

Thank you, landlines.

2. Having to ask for directions

Google Maps wasn't even a thing yet.

3. Getting out of breath every time you tried to play Nintendo Super Mario Brothers

Did you try blowing into the console!?

4. Going to Blockbuster, and seeing that every copy of the movie you wanted was already being rented

Try again tomorrow, I guess.

5. Trying to jog with your Discman

Yeah, that's not happening. (And you thought skipping was for stones.)

6. Worrying that you wouldn't get home in time to see Carson Daly interview your favorite celeb on TRL

Remember when he was still dating Tara Reid?

7. Making a bum deal on a sticker book trade

The Lisa Frank collection was just so tempting.

8. Waiting forever on dial-up so you could AIM chat your friends

Dialing... dialing.... still dialing....

9. Forgetting to feed your Tamagotchi while you were on vacation

And you came back home to find a dead digital pet.

10. Showing up at the drugstore, only to learn your photos still weren't done being developed

Or worse, they only developed the negatives.

11. Going to Tower Records, and finding out the CD you wanted was sold out

What's an MP3?

12. Opening CD cases

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on the latest Britney Spears album, you can bet it still took you 45 minutes to peel the seal off the case.

13. Having to look through actual books for research papers


14. Not having caller ID

Damn those telemarketers.

15. Sitting through your mother's Tupperware parties.

But you have to admit, they don't make Tupperware like they used to.

16. Being woken up in the middle of the night by your Furby's creepy blinking and annoying yapping

But he was cute.

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