ASAP Rocky's 2015 MTV VMAs Performance With Twenty One Pilots Tears Up The Stage — VIDEO

When it was announced that rapper ASAP Rocky would perform at the 2015 MTV VMAs, I immediately wondered what stunt he would pull onstage. When the second part of this exciting piece of news was announced — the fact that he would be joined by Twenty One Pilots — I officially couldn't wait. I mean, it's their first appearance at the VMAs! Diehard fans of MTV awards shows will remember that Twenty One Pilots performed at the MTV Movie Awards last year and they put on an amazing show — so a VMAs performance would have to be epic. Although the A$AP Rocky/Twenty One Pilots collaboration sounded like a strange match at first, the artist's styles actually complimented each other perfectly, and they definitely clicked onstage — so much so that I would have never guessed that they just met during VMA rehearsals.

While A$AP Rocky is a bona fide rapper (and a damn good one), Twenty One Pilots are one of the few alternative acts to take the stage at the 2015 VMAs. Whether or not rap is your choice genre, it was obvious that A$AP Rocky was going to kill it during his performance — and he did. So the most exciting part of this act was that it proved to be a true breakout performance for Twenty One Pilots, who I'm sure many viewers didn't know existed until about five minutes ago. They should now, though — because, after this performance, it's totally they are a versatile pair with strong stage presence. The fact that they were able to hold their own on stage with such a well-known rapper says a lot about their ability to rise to the occasion and deliver under intense pressure.

And who knew that Twenty One Pilots lead singer Tyler Joseph could rap so well? I definitely didn't. When this performance kicked off, I fully expected that 100 percent of the rapping would come from A$AP Rocky. But, while Twenty One Pilots member Josh Dun seemed perfectly at home backing with instrumentals, Joseph joined A$AP Rocky in some seriously impressive rapping. They danced to the front of the stage, and brought the audience to their feet.

In conclusion, Joseph and A$AP Rocky declared "Look, Mama, we made it. We're on the VMAs!" It was a fitting end to a top-notch performance. Check it out below:

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