John Goodman is Hosting 'Saturday Night Live' For First Time in 12 Years... and the Promos are Promising

Guys, Fred Flintstone is going to be Saturday's host on Saturday Night Live. Sorry, I mean John Goodman. Goodman, who will be hosting SNL for the 13th time tonight, will be appearing with musical guests Kings of Leon, and the promos, embedded below, are indeed promising.

As the third most frequent host after Alec Baldwin, who has hosted 16 times, and Steve Martin, who has hosted 15 times (wow, I feel really young, this is great), Goodman’s appearance on the show comes after 12 long years. So, basically, this better be good. No pressure. Honestly though, I’m expecting to hear over-the-top references to Roseanne and would enjoy seeing Goodman in a Monster’s Inc. Sullivan suit. Just kidding — only in my dreams. Is that weird?

However, after SNL’s recent promo with Goodman and Taran Killam, we can probably expect a great show full of jokes about how old Goodman is (Killam: “Who was the musical guest? Goodman: “Mozart.” Lawlz) and more Roseanne. Because always Roseanne. And hopefully something Christmas-themed, because why would you film a promo in front of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and not do a Christmas-themed sketch? (Okay, I know the SNL studio is there, but still.) However, I could really do without the sounds-like-a-dying-cat Christmas caroling as displayed in the video below.

So keep an eye out for Goodman’s appearance tonight. I mean, really, 12 years? He has a lot of impressing to do. Oh yeah, and Kings of Leon. Them too.


Image: Dana Edelson/NBC