Looking At Your Phone Can Make Depression Worse, Which Is Another Good Reason To Put Your Cell Away

Here's another reason you might want to start putting away your cell phone every once in a while: a new study has just concluded that looking at your phone can make depression worse if you are already feeling down in the first place.

Published in Computers in Human Behavior, the study found that people who are depressed often rely on their phones to alleviate their negative moods. Not surprising — who doesn't use their cell phones to listen to music, check social media, or text with friends when they're feeling down?

The issue is that all of those activities can actually make the problem worse. Why? Instead of making you feel more connected with others, relying on your phone to communicate (a practice that the researchers labeled as PUMP: problematic use of mobile phone) can make you feel further isolated. It makes sense — anyone who has ever used their phone to scroll through Instagram on a Saturday night can tell you that FOMO is a very real thing.

The good news is, the study also concluded there is a relatively straightforward solution. Instead of relying on your phone to get you out of your funk, try getting out more. According to researchers, increasing face-to-face interaction can work as an antidote to PUMP and depression, as you'll feel more connected to others. Plus, who better to lift your spirit than your friends?

Bottom line: it's all too tempting to get lost in our phones when we're not in great spirits, but using that phone to call a pal and make plans is a healthier solution — and I bet you'll end up having a heck of a lot more fun.

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