This Might Just Be Our Favorite Kanye West Feud Ever

Some days I think Kanye West believes he’s God. And clearly that’s not right, because we all know that Morgan Freeman is actually God. Thankfully, David Oliver, a police chief of Ohio’s Brimfield Police, was able to put West in his place this week, writing a sarcastic open letter to the celebrity.

This letter, which Oliver posted to the Brimfield Police Department’s Facebook page, already has over 100,000 likes and a bazillion comments. Okay, maybe that number is closer to almost 15,000, but that's still pretty close. Oliver made the decision to write the letter in response to a radio interview West recently had with Saturday Night Online, during which he compared his concerts to being a police officer or a soldier at war. (Huge facepalm. If I could palm West in the face right now, that’s exactly what I would do.) He continued with this extremely horrible comparison by saying “And if I slipped… You never know. And I think about it. I think about my family and I’m like, ‘Wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something.’”

Oliver, who initially begins his letter with “Dear Kanye West, I am honored to be writing such an important star,” follows up with “I want to thank you for putting your life on the line for all of us every day. I know that being a rapper is tough work.” The sarcasm continues to linger as he continues to make references to rappers, pulling an “Ice Ice Baby” line, before he eventually sticks it to West, telling him how wrong he is. So, so wrong. Really wrong.

What I do not get is you EVER comparing what you do for a living to our heroic military members, who are always in harms way… and my brother and sister police officers who have to go to work carrying weapons and wearing a bullet-proof vest to protect themselves.

He could have ended the letter there, but he then concludes it with one last line: “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself…, Chief Oliver.” #NailedIt

Although West has yet to respond to Oliver’s letter, I can only imagine that he will try to justify everything he said somehow. After all, like he said before kicking out a fan for reportedly heckling him at a concert recently, he’s “Kanye motherf-cking West.”

To read the entire letter, visit the Brimfield Police Department’s Facebook page.