Kanye West, Kim Kardashian & More Offer To Help Man Get A New Kidney & It Shows Yeezy Fans Are The Most Loyal

Matt Neal wants to make a deal: The 26-year-old wants to give away a pair of his very valuable Kanye West sneakers for a working kidney. Yes, an actual kidney — but unfortunately it's against the law to barter for organs. Instead, Kanye fans have been offering up their kidneys to the Ann Arbor, Mich., resident, proving that Yeezy fans are not only crazy loyal to Kanye, but to each other as well. Neal posted the offer of Yeezy Boost kicks for a kidney on Facebook on Thursday and has already received an outpouring of support — including from Yeezy himself and wife Kim Kardashian, who offered to replace the rare and expensive shoes for Neal if he did find a taker for the "donation."

Neal posted the plea to the sneaker fan Facebook group WDYWT? (What Did You Wear Today?), which has more than 60,000 members. "People are always joking that they would give a kidney for a pair of Yeezy's!!" Neal wrote in the caption accompanying a Facebook photo of the sneakers on top of his dialysis machine. "Well, here's your chance, I'm 26 with two failing kidneys." According to TMZ and later comments in the thread, Neal has Berger's disease and he has been on dialysis for two years. The wait time on the kidney transplant list in Michigan is five to seven years — a time that could be cut shorter if he finds a living donor. Neal also is careful to note that it is illegal trade the kicks for a kidney, but perhaps a mutual donation is possible.

In response, Yeezy and sneaker fans have been incredibly supportive. The post is currently nearing 2,000 likes and has received numerous "bumps," as well as offers to give Neal a kidney — for free. "I'll give you my kidney and you can keep your Yeezys, saving a life means more to me then a pair of designer shoes," wrote one commenter named Jonathan Valentin. "I'll do. It I'm not to sure of my blood type to be honest. But. I'm willing to help. If it's gonna help and save. A life I'm will to take that risk," added another going by Freshh Montana.

Later, Neal noted on the thread: "People are hitting my inbox and are actually interested [in] donating." Yeezy fans and sneaker heads, you're the greatest, but we already knew that, didn't we? Here are some other times Yeezy fans have been the most loyal.

"Air From Kanye Show"

Earlier this year, Ebay was overrun with auctions for plastic bags of air that allegedly came from a West concert. And Yeezy fans were all about it, willing to pay as much as $60,000 to breath the same air as the great one. Ultimately, Ebay pulled the listings, including one that claimed to have a Kayne fart. Eww.

Petition To Release New Album

Earlier this month, Yeezy fans took to the White House petition website We The People to ask President Obama to order West to release his new album SWISH . Yup, you read that right — his fans are hungry for new music and they wanted the president to make it happen. Unfortunately, the government didn't think the same thing and shut down the petition, because they said it was in violation of We the People's terms of participation, according to Billboard.

Kim & Kanye Send Sneakers To Loyal Fan

If don't buy Kim and Kanye's offer to send Neal some Boosts, well, you should, because they've rewarded loyal fans before. Last month, a Twitter user named Felipe who goes by @MolestMeKardash (yes, that's the real username) received a pair of autographed 350 Boosts from the Wests for his birthday, along with a sweet note from Kim herself. "Thank you for being so supportive!" she wrote. "I love reading your tweets."

See, even Kim and Kanye know Yeezy fans are the best.

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