What Does Jim Edmonds Think Of Vicki? The 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Husband Is In Meghan's Corner

Meghan Edmonds and Vicki Gunvalson have been clashing all over this season of Real Housewives of Orange County, and so have their significant others, Jim and Brooks. And while Meghan's feelings about Brooks and his alleged lies about cancer are all over the screen, how Jim Edmonds feels about Vicki is going to be a big part about Episode 13, where the Real Husband is going to get in on the fighting at Tamra's Cut Fitness sex party (yes, that's a real thing that is really on television).

Meghan and Vicki's fights have all been about the tension between youth and experience, since they're a young stepmom and a biological mom whose children are already grown up (and who even has two grandchildren). I think both make good points, because Vicki is right that Meghan has been rather aggressively picking fights with the older women, but Vicki has been underestimating Meghan's contributions to her family — even a stepmother can be a primary parent, and jumping in within months of getting married can't be easy. But Jimmy, as a guy in his 40s and, you know, Meghan's husband, kind of splits the difference between the two women. And if there's ever going to be hope for them to reconcile, maybe Jimmy could help broker the peace. It might be the first time a husband on Real Housewives of Orange County diffused a fight rather than starting one.

But of course, Jimmy is more in support of his wife than he is of any other 'wife, even once they go offscreen. But, on occasion, he's also expressed some not-unkind sentiments about Vicki, as well, proving that maybe, just maybe, there's a chance that he could be a peacemaker between the two women.

On The Show, Jim Is About To Step In

In the August 31 episode of RHOC, the big scene of note is when Jim jumps in to defend his wife from Vicki in their biggest argument yet, about Brooks' new cancer treatment. Since Vicki has been so skeptical that Jim & Meghan's marriage is going to last, maybe this will convince her.

He Threw Down A Commuting Challenge

Since Vicki (along with some of the other women) can't seem to understand how Meghan and Jim have worked out their living arrangements, Jim "LOL'd" at Vicki's suggestion that they should just fly back and forth all the time while Meghan was in the middle of filming and Jim had to be in St. Louis for work.

Jim Had This Choice Retweet

After Vicki had so much to say about Jim's multiple marriages, Jim liked this Tweet so much he retweeted it. What a nice way of countering Vicki's argument without having to really anything judgmental about her. And for the record, I think both Jim and Vicki have the right to marry as many people as they so desire.

His Philosophy Ignores All Of His Haters

I'm assuming if Jim calls this "awesome" and added this to one of his eleven Favorited Tweets, that means he agrees with the idea that when people criticize, they're usually jealous. And one of the biggest critics of the Edmonds family is Vicki... which should give you a hint to how Jimmy feels about her.

He Hangs Out With Everyone But Vicki

It's taken a while, but the Edmonds have finally started hanging out with the RHOC folks as a couple when they're in the OC. But Vicki's not in that picture, even though Shannon Beador, who Jim said he didn't want in his house during the charity, is standing there with a huge smile on her face.

He Confirms His Love For Meghan

Again, without calling out Vicki by name, Jim instead shows how much he does care about dispelling the assumptions that she's been bringing up. Here, he shows that their relationship dates back two years, just like Meghan has been saying on the show, even though they'd only been married for a few months while filming.

But When Things Are Going Badly, Jim Offers His Support

Even though Jim will always choose to stand up for his wife, when Vicki is down, he doesn't push it. Meghan expressed both Edmonds' thanks and appreciation for flowers sent by Brooks and Vicki after LeAnn's passing. And they even added well-wishes for Brooks' health to improve. Jim Edmonds looks out for his wife, Meghan, and has been fighting against the assumptions that some of the other women have about her, but this shows that if Vicki and Meghan were ever to bury the hatchet, Jim would be supportive of the new friendship.

Image: MeghanKEdmonds/Instagram