'Awkward’ Season 5 Brings Change For Jake Rosati, Brett Davern Reveals, Including In His Friendship With Matty

When we last saw Jake Rosati, he had just received his rejection from Northwestern and made the mistake of sleeping with Gabby, Matty’s girlfriend. On Monday night, we'll see him again when Awkward returns for Season 5 Monday night at 9 p.m., and the drama isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Our favorite Palos Hills High School students are heading into the final stretch of senior year and will have to start dealing with the future, which Brett Davern reveals will bring a lot of change for Jake, especially in light of his rejection and hook-up with Gabby. “The reason he couldn't tell Matty at the end of the last episode ... I think he needs to kind of figure out why that happened in the first place and sort of come to terms with it himself,” Brett says of his character confessing to his friend. “And that’s a journey he goes through.”

So does Jake finally fess up to Matty that he hooked up with his girlfriend? Not quite. “Well, it’s not so much that Jake is going to tell Matty, it’s more Matty is going to find out,” Brett says. Whatever sort of confrontation that discovery leads to cannot be pretty.

We all know that Matty and Jake's bromance has been on the rocks before, but this is the first time it's actually seemed like that friendship could be over for good. When I ask if Matty and Jake can survive this, Davern remains tight-lipped, only saying, “Their relationship is definitely strained.” When I ask him to put himself in Matty’s shoes, and consider if he would forgive Jake, he offers an interesting perspective on the situation.

If I was Matty and I had that mopey face on all the time and was always looking to Jenna anyway, I would be like, ‘Oh, well I didn't really like Gabby in the first place, so whatever, have at it.’ Matty hooks up with every girl at school, but at the same time is always looking at Jenna down the hallway with that mopey face on.

Basically, Davern thinks Matty never had strong enough feelings for Gabby to warrant staying mad at Jake over his relationship with her. Hopefully, Matty will eventually feel the same way so their friendship can mend before high school ends and they go their separate ways.

Of course the other major turning point for Jake last season on Awkward was his Northwestern rejection. According to Brett, the rejection will hit him pretty hard this season and will definitely be a factor in Jake’s attitude. “In the very first episode of the series in general, he’s definitely a guy who knows who he is and where he’s going," the actor says.

"Class president, popular, big man on campus, all these things and as the series goes on, he loses a lot of that. He loses the presidency to Tamara, he thinks he’s going to be a musician and then that doesn't really work out, he thinks he’s in love with Jenna and that doesn't work out. Things are always not really falling into place for him, so Northwestern is another one of those and so it forces him to start acting out a bit.”

Don’t be too disheartened by some changes in Jake, though. Davern promises that he is still the type of guy who will always be there for his friends. “I think Jake is the glue that holds them all together."

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