Amber Rose's 2015 VMAs Red Carpet Squad Totally Changed The Red Carpet Squad Game — Sorry, T.Swift

When Taylor Swift took to Twitter to hint that her squad from "Bad Blood" would be showing up on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards together, the excitement was palpable. But it turns out that another power-packed group would be in attendance: Amber Rose's 2015 VMAs squad was prepping to slide through the step-and-repeat and change the game. It might deeply pain some T.Swift fans to learn that the Queen of Squadding Up has been dethroned, but at least the crown goes to a worthy opponent. That's right: Amber Rose's squad was far superior to Taylor Swift's, and it wasn't just because Swift herself was dressed like a member of Sparkle Motion .

Both women arrived on the red carpet considerably early, perhaps so that everyone could have time to soak in all of the details from each member of their crew. Or maybe it's because they knew that if you have multiple people on the red carpet with you, you're going to have to spend that much longer stunting for the camera. Both Swift and Rose got plenty of screams from fans when they arrived. But with just a mere glance, it was clear that Amber Rose's group would leave a more lasting impression. Let's take a look at exactly how and why Amber Rose won the red carpet squad challenge (that only exists in my head).

1. Taylor Swift: "Bad Blood" Squad's A-For-Effort Leader

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Swift tried, she really did. She wanted to be edgy, she wanted to make a statement, and in some kind of way, she did. However, there's just something about this look that doesn't quite curl. And when you're the leader of a squad of women that includes Karlie Kloss, Zendaya, and Cara Delevingne, you have to bring your A game. In other words, Swift simply didn't look like a leader, and all squads need a strong leader.

2. Amber Rose: Anti Slut Shaming Beacon Of Baldheaded Light

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Amber Rose rolled up in a skintight bodysuit with a cause: To raise awareness for her anti slut shaming campaign that's been occupying most of her social media of late. Rose wasn't just wearing the message: She was the message. This is the kind of leader that makes a strong squad really shine.

3. Taylor Swift With The "Bad Blood" Squad

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You've seen them all before, and they all look good, but let's just admit it: This whole scene is very "meh," in the same way that the "Bad Blood" video was "meh." Sure, there may be a lot of cool chicks here, but what's the point? There's not a lot of coordination, Karlie Kloss is wearing confusing flats, and the whole thing reeks of, "We just decided to do this in a group chat on the way over and sealed the deal with the twin dancing emojis." If you're going to squad, you must squad hard. This is what I like to call squaddin' soft.

4. Amber Rose With The Badass Matching Squad Of Dreams


There are no words to describe how perfect this foursome looks. First of all, they're wearing custom, matching outfits from These Pink Lips, a super feminist, bold, and badass indie designer. Their outfits make a literal statement, but there's more to it then that: This crew is a diverse, gender fluid representation of what it means to be beautiful and outspoken in 2015.

Taylor and company: You could learn something from this.

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