What Happened To Tobias On 'Fear The Walking Dead'? The Wise Teen Is Too Good To Go

Our heroes on Fear The Walking Dead may be separated at the moment, but there's one guy I'm hoping joins the group sooner rather than later. How cool is Tobias on Fear The Walking Dead?He's the only person that we've seen in this fictional universe that seems to have a clue, and I've got to know why.

On Sunday's episode, Tobias joined Madison Clark at the High School, and they became one of our first zombie fighting duos. Anticipating the riots and looting that was to come, he was stocking up on supplies for him and his family. The encounter was lucky at first, because Tobias was able to get his weapon back. Both Tobias and Maddie are clearly super smart — looting a High School for food and medicine would not have been my first thought. However, after a run-in with the undead Principal Art, the mission was a bust. Without knowing how to subdue the walker, the two of them barely escaped with their lives or without bites. I was hoping that Tobias would go home with Madison and join their team. He also seems to know a lot about how social media has been covering the walker virus, which I would like to learn more about as an audience member. However, he assured his former guidance counselor that he was okay and left to rejoin his own. I believe him, honestly, but it doesn't bode well for the continuation of his character arc.

Will Tobias come back? Season 1 only has a few episodes left, but I sure hope so! In fact, I almost wonder if he's going to catch a flight to the East Coast. When he and Madison walked away from the school, he pulled his hoodie over the blood stains on his shirt, which I loved as a detail. It's kind of adorable that they're so modest at this stage in the end of the world. Tobias one of my favorite characters, though he isn't listed in the main cast of this series.Fear The Walking Dead will have to find a way to bring him back, and not in the zombie way.

Image: AMC (screengrab)