Did T. Swift & Nicki Minaj Lip Sync At The VMAs?

Talk about burying the Twitter-hatchet. At the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Nicki Minaj opened the show on Sunday night and then Taylor Swift joined her on stage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Together, Minaj and Swift sang their respective hits "The Night Is Still Young" and "Bad Blood" — but it looked like the former Twitter-feuding pop stars were lip syncing. I mean, I prefer believing that they were truly singing their hearts out together on stage, but upon closer examination, Swift and Minaj seemed to be lip syncing their way through the performance instead.

Minaj came out in all red to open the VMAs rocking out to her song "Trini Dem Girls," but once "The Night Is Still Young" began, Swift literally rose up from the stage, wearing matching red. They sang together, but something seemed to be off. You know what I mean — it's pretty to easy to see when voices and lips don't line up exactly. It was weird. And it was a little disappointing. But it was still an epic duet that ended with Swift singing "Bad Blood" and hugging Minaj, as a way of saying to the world this Twitter feud is ancient history. A few minutes later, presenter Britney Spears declared to the audience, "That is an instant VMA performance."

I understand Swift wanting a little bit of vocal rest. She has been touring like crazy, the latest stop on her 1989 World Tour being Los Angeles. All week, she has invited a star-studded list of guest stars on her tour. And I know lots of artists tend to lip sync at big events like these, so it's definitely forgivable in light of everything else that was so epic about this performance. However, Twitter seemed to see some lip syncing going on, too.

At the end of the day, isn't the important thing here that two megastars showed the world they're friends rather than foes? I think so.