Riots Begin On 'Fear The Walking Dead' & We Finally See Shades Of The Apocalypse

It took an episode and a half for anyone on Fear The Walking Dead to figure out how to properly kill a walker, but everything else is falling apart with record speed. Sunday's episode picked up where the pilot left off and didn't stop moving. By the end of the episode, the apocalypse began on Fear The Walking Dead.Authority figures like cops and principals are few and far between. Rioting and looting has started in the confusion. Electricity is flickering. Most importantly, the attacks are increasing and people are losing their loved ones.

After being sent home from school, Travis' son Chris stumbled (no pun intended) upon a group protesting the LAPD. The cops had shot an infected homeless man, which was understandably cause for concern. Chris captured the moment on his video camera, which I guess teens in Los Angeles are more likely to carry around rather than just recording everything on their smart phones. More cops and medical teams were brought in, and when more walkers showed up, the protest got nasty. Luckily, Travis and Liza showed up to the protest to pick up Chris (how embarrassing, am I right) and they found refuge.

We know that the apocalypse in the Walking Dead universe took over quickly, considering that Rick Grimes was only in a coma for a month. It's interesting to see which structures fall away first. If you're keeping track of the virus, I noticed that this episode was quick to reveal that both those infected and all other dead people become walkers, which was not immediately discovered on the original series. The episode ended with a sobering montage that grounded all of the characters in the reality of their situation. I have a feeling that they won't have much time to rest as they try to escape to the desert, so I appreciated this quiet moment. Travis, Chris, and Liza huddled with the newly introduced Salazar family while chaos ensued outside of the barber shop. Meanwhile, the Clark trio witnessed a very real, horrifying walker attack in their cul de sac and Madison let herself cry for the first time. We knew going into this spinoff that these are not the hardened survivors that we're used to from our friends in Atlanta. Now that the world is crumbling down, we'll see how if they can adapt in time.

Image: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC